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Abeja Cabernet Sauvignon 05

Avalon's Wine Pick of the Week for 2-22-08

Buzzed at work: Abeja Cab is stunning

Abeja Cabernet Sauvignon 05

It is a common misconception and joke that we actually get to "drink" on the job. What we do get to do is "taste and spit" which is so much less sexy. However, the Abeja (which means bee in Spanish) Cab 05 is a wine worthy of a good buzz. At our weekly staff tasting, we were so excited about the Abeja Cab that a good natured fight almost broke out over who was going to take the rest of the bottle home. We decided to that the only equitable option was to have dinner together and share the bottle, friendly banter and a few steaks.

There's no need for a decanter.
The Abeja Cabernet Sauvignon 05 ($44.25, on sale $39.55) shows off its big aromas of black fruit, espresso, milk chocolate, graham, and violet-infused smoke that carries through. Very supple and expressive Cabernet fruit, with a ripe black cherry and cassis core, and a little bubble of cherry candy that bursts just before the finish. Hints of graphite unite with perfectly-integrated toast and lingering, sweet black fruit. Needless to say the Abeja Cab is "phe freaking nomenal".

The lush dark fruit and layers of sweet smoke in the wine call for an equally seductive food partner. There is nothing more elegant and simple to show off the beauty of the Abeja Cab than a perfectly seared filet mignon. Served medium rare with a wild mushroom fricassee, the finely balanced Cab deftly matches the weight of the steak and opens up to reveal the subtle earth notes mirrored by the mushrooms.

The ever so slight "burst" of cherry acts as a bright pop of flavor on the palate, which leaves your mouth refreshed and excited about the next sip. We enjoyed our filets served with creamy potatoes gratin which revealed the silky and integrated tannins of the Abeja Cab. Over the course of the evening, the wine continued to evolve and show a slightly caramelized violet depth that was so stunning that we didn't end up ordering dessert.

There are certain meals that make life worth living, Abeja Cab with a beautifully prepared filet is certainly one of them.

Happy drinking and good eating,



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