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Celebration Gamay Noir 07
Avalon's Wine Pick of the Week for 12-1-08

"Lip-Smacking and Splendid, French Fries Wine Surprises and Delights"

Lip-smacking and splendid, Celebration is a red wine for everyone. Celebration's pedigree is stellar. This juicy, fascinating Gamay noir is made in tiny amounts from a scant three acres in Oregon's Seven Springs Vineyard planted in 1984. It's no exaggeration to say that this is the best Gamay noir we've had from Oregon. Celebration joins the Gamay noir of Brick House Vineyards as the two outstanding examples of the varietal from Oregon.

Evening Lands Vineyards "Celebration" Gamay noir 07 $19.95/$17.95

Intriguing and delicious dark fruit flavors and scents make Celebration an apt name for this old vine Gamay noir from Oregon's Eola-Amity Hills. Scents of blackberry, currant, and a hint of blackstrap molasses are restated in the flavor. Dark fruits, especially cassis/black currant, add depth to a refreshing, juicy wine. Hints of licorice and French Black Currant Pastilles accentuate the unique qualities of this immediately drinkable wine. You will never think of Beaujolais the same way again.

Evening Lands owner Mark Tarlov drinks this wine with French Fries. We agree. Celebration is a slurp-able crowd pleaser. Bring it out for football games and pair with a great burger (and don't forget Mark's fries!). I don't usually think of wine for tailgating, but Celebration converted even dedicated beer drinkers. (They drank it from mugs).

Like Beaujolais, it shares the quality of tasting great when chilled. It cut through the smoky fat of a T-bone, and even paired well with pulled pork sandwiches. You might think of Gamay noir as a simple wine. Don't limit yourself. Celebrate with Celebration this holiday season.

Famous British wine expert Jancis Robinson, OBE, Master of Wine (MW), and editor of the Oxford Companion to Wine, describes Celebration: "Very fresh Gamay nose with lovely pure fruit underneath. Again lots of acidity, like the Chardonnay, with a dry finish. Crunchy crisp. Seriously appetising. This would make a great summer drink and is yet another non-French Gamay that encourages us to look at Beaujolais again..."


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