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Brigadoon Wine Co. Lylee Pinot noir 2014


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What an absolute gem of a Pinot! Brigadoon has delivered another rocking value. Cinnamon laced black cherries open, leading to a mouthful of flavors that reminds us of cherry cobbler and a hint of Christmas spice. Only 165 cases made.

This is the third vintage of Brigadoon Lylee and the third time. Matt Shown is a youngish winemaker who knows his vineyard well -- his boyhood home is right in the middle of it. Brigadoon is a true family winery and they are estate grown, sustainably farmed, and modestly priced.

An Insider's Oregon Pinot Club Selection, 15% off for Club members.

2009 Vintage Tasting Notes

The Oregon 09 Pinots are drinking beautifully right out of the gate and the Brigadoon Lylee is no exception. The bright fruit up front immediately speaks Pinot noir in this delicious third vintage from winemaker Matt Shown. A slight Christmas spice with smooth caramel on the mid palate ramps into a pleasantly sharp cherry finish. If this is Brigadoon's everyday Pinot, I can't wait to taste the 09 Reserve. - Andy

Avalon friend Jenn Wright on Brigadoon "Lylee" Pinot noir 09

Exploring new wine and food pairings continues to be one of my greatest thrills. And when I say new, I mean new to me, of course. So I go, 2009 Brigadoon pinot in hand, against my natural inclination toward salmon and opt for something grilled; something red and meaty. With this spring's track record, when are we going to get another chance for a backyard meal at the barbeque?

I wisely invite a friend (and wine lover) to share this mid-week bottle three ways and wonder to myself, will this young pinot noir stand up to our grilled lamb? Delicate, overly fruity pinots are not typically my favorite.

We pop the cork and pour the first sips. Ruby in color, a bit tart and tangy with fresh cherries. While the fruit is highlighted, acidity stays in check. It's fairly light bodied, refreshing even … but here comes the food.

Compliments to the grill master for the juicy, medium-rare loin chops. He's holding down the grill, while the two ladies get carried away in conversation – in between sips of course.

Well, well, the grilled lamb and pinot make a nice couple. Just enough heft to both the wine and meat for peace and harmony. But if the Brigadoon pinot had its choice, it would beg to be sipped with creamy pasta. The best pairing of the night was with our mac n' cheese salad, playing off the feta and buttermilk so nicely. I would gladly get this wine again, pairing it with creamy risotto with asparagus and parmesan, or perhaps a rich salmon alfredo.

This wine was it made for food, and Brigadoon is restoring my faith in the lower Willamette wineries. I have grown so accustom to McMinnville area pinots, and have had a bit of bad luck with some Eugene wineries, but this one impresses. It's bright and fruity, but still able to handle a red meat such as lamb chops.

With the sun setting, Ray Charles nearing the end of his album, our dinner guest hits it on the head: "It's one of those dinners where you just don't want to leave the table." Or see the bottle of wine come to an end.

Wine reviewed:
2009 Brigadoon "Lylee" Pinot Noir

- Jenn Wright

The Lylee name comes from a combination of Chris Lyle Shown and Sheree Lee Shown’s names. The Lylee Pinot noir is their ready to drink wine that they describe as “complementing our daily lives.”

A six acre vineyard at the south end of the Willamette Valley provides the fruit for this wine. It’s a family winery, with Chris Shown managing the vineyard, Sheree Shown assisting their son Matt in making the wines, and their son Nick working with the farm’s timber and developing the winery’s “farm to table” products. Brigadoon wines are rarely available outside the Corvallis area (where Avalon is located) and are well worth knowing about. The combination of the southern valley’s hotter days and the vineyard elevation’s colder nights both ripen the fruit and stress the vines, leading to a more complex and satisfying Pinot.

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