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Burton Bittman Wines

Burton Bittman Wines

2010 is the first vintage of Burton Bittman, named for winemaker Anneka Miller's grandmothers who gave her inspiration and strength. The Miller family's Tukwilla Vineyard is contiguous with Eyrie's Three Sister's Vineyard (there's no fence line, even). Anneka worked with a special small block of her family's estate vineyard, four rows from the original 1990 planting of Abbey clone Pinot noir. From these grapes, only two barrels (50 cases) were made.

Anneka spent formative years in the Eyrie cellar, and you can see influential elements in her wine, like the grace and elegance of Jason's wines. And you can see stylistic differences, such as greater inclusion of whole clusters in fermentation.

I asked Anneka for her toughest on how she came to make wine in 2010: "My thoughts... Well, as a young winemaker, they are not many. I have not begun to develop a grand philosophy of winemaking, nor do I have many opinions on the philosophies of others. I don't believe I have the experience, or the authority, to have either at this point. So, all I have is my story..."


Burton Bittman Tukwilla Vineyard Pinot noir 2012

Burton Bittman 2010 was a huge hit with club members last year, and the 2012 follows suit stylistically. The aromas open w...



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Anneka continues: "Thus far, all my lessons in winemaking have taken place in the cellar of Jason Lett. He took me on in 2007, as a high school senior who needed to meet her graduation requirement. At that point, I had little inkling that winemaking might be a career path, but I loved my internship that winter. I declared a journalism and communications major at the University of Oregon because I loved to write, and in the summers I worked at Eyrie.

I spent the next five years split, somewhat, between two career paths, but I began to feel a strong pull towards one over the other. In 2010, Jason started to really lean on me to try making some wine with my parents' fruit. We had discussed the idea on a couple of occasions, and now I was finally old enough to drink the stuff, so why not make some? Harvest got closer, and Jason leaned harder. I broke. I was a commuting winemaker.

On October 22, at 7:45 in the morning, with my knees buried in the mud and the sun just beginning to burn off the mist, I found my bliss. Total and complete peace in a space that most people would find uncomfortable and exhausting. Then, I knew I wanted the vineyard and wine to be my vocation.

With no formal training, I felt my way through the 2010 vintage. Jason and Jeremy Saville, Eyrie's production manager, guided me in the best way possible. They asked questions, presented me with options and their opinions, but the final choice was mine. I think decision-making in the cellar is part science and part art. The knowledge that you have one shot at this particular vintage is so immense, it can be paralyzing. I hope what I gain from my experiences in Burgundy will help me arrive at a better decision-making process. In time, with many more vintages, I hope I will also develop my own sense of the art.

I am humbled to be working with Jason and to be offered the opportunity to make wine alongside him. I'm so glad he leaned on me in 2010 and that he gave me the chance to continue for the 2011 and 2012 vintages. I appreciate the time and the energy it can take to mentor a person, and Jason has been very generous with his." - Marcus

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