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I've long said that if I could buy one vineyard in Oregon, it would likely be Abbey Ridge. High elevation Dundee Hills, nearly 40 year-old vines, so unique and distinctive in the wines it produces. Cameron's 2012 Abbey Ridge is a thing of beauty, showing typical, sexy aromas of crushed red berries, lavender and red earth. This is one for the ages and based on my recent tasting of an Abbey Ridge vertical, should be optimal with 8-10 years in the cellar. Highly recommended. - Marcus

2011 notes: Winemaker John Paul says: “If you are looking for a possibly great vintage from Abbey Ridge, this is the one to invest in. The aromatics which developed in the wine from the 35 year-old Wadenswil block certainly stunned us and forced us into an economically stupid decision of pushing much of the wine from the 35 year-old Pommard block into our Dundee Hills Reserve bottling.

But our economic loss is your gain because the decision we made was the correct one….the high tone aromatics of rose petal, lavendar and rosemary are exquisite! The small bit of Pommard that did go into the blend added beautiful structure so that this wine possesses aging ability as well as short-term drinkability.”

From some of the oldest vines in Oregon, this block of own-rooted 35 year-old majestic wonders has been Cameron’s flagship wine since their beginning. Its high elevation guarantees that it will always be one of the last vineyards harvested in the Dundee Hills year after year, with natural high acidity and moderate alcohol reminiscent of traditional red Burgundy.

Aromas are generally dominated by floral characteristics of rose petal and sometimes rosemary. Nearly 2 years in a mixture of 1-3 year old barrels allows the wine to mature properly without being overwhelmed by aromas of wood. - John Paul

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2007 Vintage Tasting Notes

Abbey Ridge is one of the highest vineyards in the Red Hills of Dundee and is generally harvested relatively late (mid-October for the Pinot noir and mid to late October for the white varieties). This situation produces fruit with high natural acidities and wines with tremendous aging potential.

At Abbey Ridge only organic sprays are used on the grapes. Moisture levels in the soil of this non-irrigated vineyard are managed by a rotating system of cover crops and tilled (or clean cultivated) areas. By adjusting mowed height of the cover crops relative to rainfall, appropriate quantities of water can be retained in the soil for the vines. The older vines have extremely deep roots to take advantage of moisture there during the dry, late summer months.

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