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Capitello Wines Pinot noir 09


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Aromas of pomegranate and raspberry with floral and earth tones including oak spice. Flavors of rich berries and silky tannins. This Pinot noir is sourced from the Mary's Peak Vineyard south of Philomath and the Rainbow's End Vineyard in Monroe.

2007 Vintage Tasting Notes

This is fresh and bright with lively pie cherry and raspberry flavors that burst in your mouth. While soft and forward, the 07 Pinot will age nicely for 3-5 years and complement just about any cuisine.

The silky texture is quite striking. As Ray ages his wines in oak he uses a product called "Biolees", it acts in a similar way to aging wine on the lees, a process that softens acidity while enhancing sweetness. Biolees not only produce a richer, sweeter flavor, but also contribute a beautiful silky mouth feel/texture to the wine, like the sensation you'd have if you rubbed silk on your palate.

Flavors of the Capitello Pinot noir start with an initial sense of fruit sweetness, followed by clearly discernible layers of fruit - black raspberry, blackberry, black cherry, sweet red cherry, pomegranate, and tart pie cherry. Ray ages his Pinot noir in one year old barrels he sources from Archery Summit, "long toasted" for several hours to add elegance and subtle flavors. The fruit and toast flavors mingle with a dark minerality and fresh earth in the finish. Fruit dominates the flavors at this point in the wine's life, with subtle yet present acidity to add freshness and a seamless silky hint of tannins adds depth. Drink now or cellar through 2010.

Food pairing: I can't imagine a better pairing than Oregon or New Zealand spring lamb. Pan grill lamb chops and chanterelles, and deglaze with some of the Capitello Pinot noir. Serve with spring greens and baby potatoes.