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Dominio IV Wines

Dominio IV

"Sometimes the only reason to do something is to see its beauty in the end. When you are done, you walk away feeling better than if you had not done that something. That is why we started farming Biodynamically in 2001. It was a beautiful proposition that leads us to further understandings about our farm and ourselves." -Patrick Reuter, Dominio IV winegrower

Whereas most wineries in Oregon's Willamette Valley specialize solely in Pinot Noir, Dominio IV offers site-driven wines from four varietals, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Syrah, and Viognier.

Dominio IV is husband and wife dynamic-duo Patrick Reuter (Winegrower/Owner) and Leigh Bartholomew (Viticulturalist/ Owner) as well as Leigh's parents, Liz and Glenn, who own and live at the Three Sleeps Estate Vineyard, in Mosier, Oregon, deep in the heart of the Columbia Gorge.

at right, view from Dominio IV's vineyards


Dominio IV Still Life Viognier 2013

Sometimes fruit is simply found on the table. At other times it is purposefully placed. Peaches are cut half open. Their w...



$21.95 Regular

Dominio IV "Tango" Reserve Tempranillo 06

Northwest Tempranillo on a grand scale, this exhibits great varietal character of dark red berries and plums with dusty ta...



$39.95 Regular

Dominio IV You Write in Wine Syrah 07

Aromas include blueberry, blackberry, Oolong tea and wet earth. Silky and savory, let it breathe 30 minutes after opening....



$29.95 Regular

Dominio IV "Technicolor Bat" Tempranillo/Syrah 2011

The Technicolor Bat is a big and chewy, full bodied red with black plum, cassis, dusty cocoa, anise, and smoked meat flavo...



$23.95 Regular

Dominio IV Spellbound Syrah/Tempranillo 08

This is a juicy, pleasing blend of Syrah and Tempranillo from the Three Sleeps Vineyard.

2007 Vintage Tasting ...



$17.95 Regular

Dominio IV Rose of Tempranillo 2013

Light and refreshing, a great summer sipper....



$19.95 Regular

More About Dominio IV Wines

Tempranillo, Syrah, and Viognier are farmed at the Biodynamic™ certified Three Sleeps Vineyard. Pinot Noir and a bit of Viognier are also contracted from sustainable wine growers in Oregon who share these farming values. This past spring, Dominio IV expanded Three Sleeps with a new block planted as a circular Labyrinth to more Tempranillo and Syrah as well as new additions of Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot.

The soils at Three Sleeps are a combination of Wind River and Van Horn fine sandy loam, from the Missoula Floods, over volcanic mud flows and fractured basalt. These soils compliment a unique climate to provide the ideal growing conditions for these grapes. The climate results from the confluence of wet, maritime Pacific patterns and the desert-like, inland continental conditions. Twenty miles west or east of Three Sleep's location and one of these two climates would pervade. Only here do they find a cooperative dance between elements.

Both travel and Master degree's at U.C. Davis set their clocks to the exact time, the international tick of the grape vine. While Leigh studied Viticulture, Patrick was focused on Terroir. Living and working in places as diverse as Tokyo, Seattle, Chile, New Zealand and Burgundy have given them perspective, experience and inspiration.

After their travels and upon their most recent return to Oregon, they looked at the ground, looked at each other, and said, “How about here?"

Then came the maps, the soil surveys, and wild-eyed glee of hopping a fence with shovel in hand to see and smell the soil. After a few barbed-wire rips in the pant-leg inseam, they found an east-facing slope in Mosier, Oregon and set out to plant what it wanted: Tempranillo, Syrah, and Viognier. They stayed where the wine jobs were in the Willamette Valley, but Leigh’s parents moved into the vintage 1977 double-wide on the property and gave it a go. "Our wines are the results of our journey. In each of them is a character that speaks its own language, sometimes dressed in exotic gowns, sometimes earth-covered overalls, and sometimes silky robes... but always uniquely its own."

"We hope you enjoy."

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