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Dusky Goose Six Vintage Vertical Collection

Dusky Goose

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The Dusky Goose Limited Vintage Collection includes one bottle of each of the Dundee Hills vintages from 2003-2008.

Dusky Goose Pinot noirs are very, very prized and very, very hard to get. This is a special offer for Avalon customers only!

Dusky Goose Pinot noir Dundee Hills 08 -

Love and marriage, horse and carriage, you know the song - two things that go together perfectly. Add Dusky Goose and Oregon's 2008 vintage, a heavenly match. The nose is like perfume for wine lovers, exotic and comforting at the same time, with wafts of black cherry, orange, clove, cedar, licorice and sweet earth. The flavor flows with voluptuous black cherry, then adds a pulsating ribbon of raspberry coulis. The momentum builds, giving just the right oomph and creaminess. The finish hangs like a trapeze artist - delicate, balanced, awe-inspiring.

When first opened, The Goose is a little shy, so give it some space to open up (I wrote my notes on day 2). The 2008 has serious long term aging potential. Buy it, stash it, love it.

If I had a case of Dusky Goose 08 for every time I've been asked when the 08 Pinot will be released, I'd have the whole Dusky production! So much anticipation and expectation...and the Dusky 08 delivers. For me, it always does. - Marcus

Dusky Goose Pinot noir Dundee Hills 07 -

Balanced and beautiful. A rich and graceful perfume of raspberry, rose, cherry, spice box and raspberry tea introduces the superbly layered Dusky Goose 07.

Replete with sweet, succulent fruit, the palate fans out with dark dried cherry, raspberries and fresh cream, with hints of darker berries. Full and round, silky and ripe, the Dusky finishes with its classic truffle note, caramel, mixed berries and a touch of dried thyme.

The Dusky 07 has a long life ahead of it - our first bottle was open for five days and continued changing, staying fresh through the last sip. This is a highlight of the vintage. - Marcus

Dusky Goose Pinot noir Dundee Hills 06 -

Monumental and mezmerizing, the 2006 Dusky Goose Pinot noir delivers on all of the promises of past vintages. Succulent red fruit wafts from the glass with a deep base note of cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and dark berries, hinting at what's to come. At once silky-supple and powerful, the 06 Goose cascades across your palate with mixed cherries--black, fresh dark sweet, and dried--before picking up the bottom notes of rich blackberry and hints of cassis.

Like previous releases, the 2006 is a big and beautiful Pinot noir, and it maintains a freshness from a bright thread of acidity woven into the ripe fruit. A mile-long ribbon of earth, baking spice, and sweet cherries lingers on, with perfectly integrated tannins.

With the 2006 vintage, Dusky Goose delivers a mesmerizing wine that fulfills all the promises of its past vintages. The just released Dusky Goose 2006 Pinot noir keeps delivering. Some wines' quality goes up and down from vintage to vintage. Not so "the Dusky" - it flys higher with each year. Popularized by word of mouth alone, Dusky Goose Pinot noir is perhaps Oregon's most sought after wine.

Dusky Goose Pinot noir Dundee Hills 05 -

Seamlessly lush and constantly evolving, the 05 Dusky Goose again shows why it is an Avalon favorite. The nose opens with oodles of black fruit, with a brightness (freshness) that lifts the aromas from the glass. Truffled cream intertwines with dried herbs and rose petals, and cocoa powder.

Black berry, black cherry, black raspberry, and dark red cherry vibrantly wrap around your palate. Supple fruit is lifted by the fresh acidity of the 2005 vintage, hinting at a long life in the cellar. The finish is full of subtle spice and barrel toast, mixing with sweet black fruit and re-emerging creamy truffle notes. After many seconds, super-fine tannins move like a feather around your mouth.

The 05 Dusky evolves with each taste, one minute offering lushness, the next putting on a darker element and showing exotic barrel spice. The 2005 Dusky Goose: proof that sophistication and elegance can coexist with opulence in an Oregon Pinot noir.

Dusky Goose Pinot noir Dundee Hills 04 -

Full-bodied, yet sumptuously complex, the 2004 Dusky Goose Pinot noir wine has its characteristic candied fruit and dried cherry notes, along with glorious layers of lush black cherries and berries, and hints of dried lavender, dried orange zest, and a high note in both nose and flavor of intensely sweet and concentrated dried fruit. The balance is so good, the wine should cellar well for more than ten years.

Color: Garnet, with hints of dark purple, opaque and dark.

Nose: Very rich scent is present immediately upon opening the bottle. Scents are primarily of candied black cherry, black raspberry, black cherry liqueur, and strawberry, with an undercurrent of toasted cocoa bean. Marcus says it's like experiencing a fresh strawberry covered with dark chocolate.

Hints of dried lavender, dried cherry, dried herbs, and a tiny hint of fresh earth are present in this vibrant wine. There's a freshness to the nose that is characteristic of the 2004 vintage.

Flavors: Layers of fresh fruit explode in the mouth. A plush, deep core of black cherry and black raspberry is entwined with layers of ripe red raspberry, hints of fresh strawberry, seamlessly integrated sweet vanilla bean, spicy plum, and dried cherry fruit ( characteristic of the vineyard).Finish: The finish just keeps rolling out, offering transparent layers of red and black fruit and silky tannins with notes of toasted cocoa bean, espresso bean, sweet vanilla, cedar, fresh tobacco, and essence of rose.

Balance: Tannins are very supple and well integrated, there's a fresh, uplifting quality to the acidity, and the fruit flavors reappear over and over with ultrarich cherry, black cherry, and dried cherry flavors, intensifying with more exposure to air.

The Vintage - 2004 compared to 2003:

In a side-by-side tasting of the 2003 and 2004 Dusky Goose over the course of a couple days, both wines showed extraordinary development and complexity. Both 2003 and 2004 are powerful wines, juicy and multilayered, with the vineyard's characteristic dried red cherry quality. The 2003 shows more of a dark fruit profile in the nose, flavors, and finish, with black cherry and black raspberry dominating. The medium to full-bodied 2004 has that vibrant, uplifting freshness characteristic of the 2004 vintage, and more red as well as black fruit flavors. In the 2004, the layered flavors are easier to discern- there's a sense of transparency catalysed by refreshing acidity. More hints of lavender, roses, herbs, and chocolate are present in the 2004. Both wines are quite cellarworthy, with the 2004 having a slightly longer potential life.

When to Drink: The 2004 is lovely now, especially with an hour or so of decanting. In 6 months to a year, the wine will be much better integrated, so patience will be rewarded. The wine's combination of vibrant, uplifting acidity balanced with sumptuous, lush, sweet fruit shows all the signs of aging well for over ten years.What to serve with it: Vitaly Paley, of Portland, Oregon's Paley's Place, suggests Herb stuffed Rack of Lamb or Braised Beef Brisket, just click to see the recipes. Vitaly is the James Beard Foundation's "Best Chef in the Pacific Northwest" for 2005 and is in NYC this month guest-chefing at several restaurants.

Dusky Goose Pinot noir Dundee Hills 03 -

A big wine, dark, opaquely ruby in color, with a rich, silky texture in the mouth.

The fruit from this vineyard (formerly Goldschmidt, now Dundee Hills Vineyard) produces a unique scent, an amalgam of red raspberry, dried cherries, plums, and vanilla spice. Plush flavors of dried cherry, black cherry, candied cherry, blackberry, sweet ripe fruit, hints of spice, hints of herbs, and a seamless, shot silk texture impress the taster.

The balance is perfect - expressive tannins balance the rich fruit and the wine, concentrated as it is, maintains good acidity for aging, with a long finish of ever changing spice, cherry, berry, and cedar. This wine will age for ten years with continued impressive drinking for the consumer.

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