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Evesham Wood Blanc du Puits Sec 2014

Evesham Wood

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A rich, floral and spicy wine with pear, citrus, mineral and rose petal. Blending 85% Pinot gris with 15% Gewurztraminer (all certified organically grown at Evesham's estate) makes for a more intriguing yet no less satisfying spring and summer thirst quencher.

Made from certified organic grapes.

Previous vintage notes: From the winery: Our vineyard (along with many other vineyards in the area) experienced a very poor fruit set with our Pinot gris in 2012. Fruit set is the time when the fertilized flower begins to develop a seed and berry surrounding it and when the potential maximum crop yield is determined. The weather during Pinot gris fruit set was far from ideal, resulting in yields down nearly 60%, luckily this was not the case with our Pinot noir. ...Our production of this wine is down over 50%. - the winery

A perennial favorite of mine. This racy little crowd-pleaser is a blend of Pinot gris, Gewurztraminer, and Rieslaner. Floral notes and wet stones on the nose lead to a light citrus and mineral driven summer white that goes great while mowing the lawn or wowing house guests. - Andy

Avalon friend Robyn Lillehei on Evesham Wood's Blanc du Puits Sec 09

According to Oregon farmstead family lore, sourdough starter arrived here after a long trip West in a covered wagon. Mine travelled from Minnesota on a Boeing 757 after a visit with my father, who took a cooking class (another one!) We kneaded the little beasts into a thick dough ball, slipped them into a Ziplock in the suitcase and headed home.

Reconstituted, my starter demands attention every few weeks or else mopes in an ever-darkening effluent of its own digestion. To keep it alive and happy, I've created a pizza dough to display the week's veggies + with a flourish.

Soften I pkg yeast in 1/3 cup warm water for 15 minutes. All at once, add 2/3 c. sourdough starter, 1 Tbs light olive oil, 2 tsp Sugar, at least 1 c. white flour and 1 c. wheat flour, 1 c. white flour (more as necessary to keep from getting sticky during 10 minutes of kneading).

Round into a ball, place for rising in a ceramic bowl with very shallow pool of olive oil in bottom, flipping dough ball over to coat top and bottom. Cover with damp towel and set in warm place for less than an hour until risen by at least 50%. Punch down while still in bowl. Stretch out onto a perforated pizza pan sprinkled with corn meal. Rim up the edges. Add in this order: pesto, slices of chicken apple sausage, " chunks of goat cheese. Next distribute onto dough at least 1 c. spinach leaves, sweet onion, bell pepper - previously tossed together in mix of Balsamic vinegar and oil and chopped basil, to taste. Roll cherry tomatoes in leftover vinegar and oil and place on pie. Roast at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes until brown on edges.

While pizza cooks in the oven, secretly open a bottle of Evesham Wood, Blanc du Puits Sec (2009). Sit, sip and sigh deeply over this wondrous dry blend of 80% Pinot Gris/20% Gewurztraminer. Suppress the thought of filling glasses for other household members with a lesser wine. Set aside glass and retrieve pizza from oven, cut into slices, call family to table. Rejoice at the last Huns of Summer dashing down your throat in a dead heat to conquer dinner. Think about the competition between sweet and sour - and relish the discovery of the flip side of every other coin in life!

- Robyn Lillehei

As always, this wine is produced entirely from our organically certified estate, Le Puits Sec Vineyard. Once again Pinot gris (approximately 85%) dominates the blend, followed by Gewurztraminer (15%) and minute amounts of Gruner Veltliner, Kerner, Rieslaner, Pinot blanc and Traminer. Although still very noticeable, the spiciness from the Gewurztraminer is a bit less forward than last year. After tasting the wine Russ commented "very nice balance, and better acid than we've seen for some time now, perhaps since 2005. Well done!" - the winery

2004 vintage tasting notes:

"Our first ever "proprietary" white blend of estate-grown pinot gris (75%) and gewurztraminer (25%). This wine combines the subtle minerality and firmness of the former with the floral aromatics and viscosity of the latter. As in 2003, due to the high level of ripeness, we purposely prevented the malo-lactic fermentation from going to completion here so as to preserve the bright acidity in the wine. Also, as you'll notice, this is our first foray into the world of screwcaps. We feel this closure may be the answer for our "early consumption" white wines." - Russ Raney

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