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Harris Bridge Vineyard & Winery

Harris Bridge

From the winery:

Our Story...

Harris Bridge Vineyard is a company that is rooted in a love for the beauty of Harris Valley, an appreciation for hard work, artistry, and craft, and a passion for farming and wine. We are husband and wife winemakers and farmers. With each year, the dream of Harris Bridge is made more complete, one board, one vine, one bottle at a time.

The wine...

Since our first vintage we have focused exclusively on dessert wines, and not just sweet wines, but complex liqueurs with memorable textures, tannins, and finish. We make all of our wines by freezing the harvested fruit, then patiently pressing the whole clusters. The resulting juice is concentrated and rich, with sugar levels around 40 brix. It has a deep color from the long pressing of the skins and the high level of oxygen exposure at this early stage of the winemaking process. We then take this rich must and carry out the fermentation to its full extent, giving us all the character that the process and yeast allow. We generally fortify our wines with a touch of brandy, just enough to give the wine a robust fullness, while still allowing the purity of the fruit to shine through.


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The intent...

If we could, we would bottle up this little spot of earth, and the people that have walked the ground, dug the soil, and drank the wine, with a breath of the cool air rolling off the river. Since we canít do that, we come as close as possible through the artistic integrity in each of the wines we produce and by sending each bottle along with a short story. The stories are based on the notion that in life there is always something more Ė something beyond the object of our desire. They offer a glimpse into the reality behind the bottle that is precious and hopeful.

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