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Januik WinesWhen Mike Januik left Chateau Ste Michelle Winery to form his own venture, he was regarded as possibly the most powerful and successful winemaker in the Northwest.

We've had a listing for Januik here on the website for a year now, and we've had something of a hard time getting customers to try the wines.

Let me tell you, no mistake about it, this winery is going to be like Leonetti in demand and availability in a few years. The wines are incredible.

Maybe its because Wine Spectator has not done a big writeup, or maybe Mike chooses to keep a low profile, but these wines are for grabbing up and laying down. You'll be bragging to your wine friends that you knew his single vineyard red wines when they were $35 a bottle and you could order them on the web. It will not stay that way for long.

So, anyway, you heard it here. From Avalon.

A Message from Winemaker Mike Januik

During the last 16 years as a winemaker in Washington State, I have been blessed with a tremendous range of wonderful opportunities. I have been able to work with and learn from some of the best winemakers in the world and have also made wines from the best vineyards in the state. Through all of this, though, there has always been a nagging feeling that something was missing. In the back of my mind, I have always known that one day I would venture out to make my own wines.
Januik Winery evolved from an intense desire to create wines that are among the best made anywhere. Doing this, though, requires two things. It requires having access to the best grapes available. And it also means doing things on a very small scale so that I am able to know each wine intimately.

Many years ago, I was drawn toward winemaking in Washington State because of a belief that its vineyards had a huge untapped potential. Over the years, this belief has only been strengthened. Experience has taught me that the vineyards of Washington State are not only unique, but they rank among the best vineyards anywhere in the world. Through the course of these many years, I have worked with a large number of vineyards and have selected among the best of them to create the first wines produced by Januik Winery.

These first wines have been made in very small amounts, literally hundreds of cases in each instance. On this scale, I am able to know each individual barrel and how its small nuances might contribute to a final blend of wine. These are the details that transform winemaking into an art, and these are the details that will always rule the day at Januik Winery.

Mike Januik


A truism among winemakers is that it takes great vineyards to create great wines. The vineyards used to make Januik Winery’s wines in 1999 read like a who’s who list of the most sought after vineyards in the state of Washington. In 1999 small amounts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Chardonnay were made. The vineyards used and the approximate amounts of each wine produced are listed below.

Cabernet Sauvignon
(950 cases):

Champoux Vineyard
Cold Creek Vineyard
Klipsun Vineyard
Portteus Vineyard
Seven Hills Vineyard
Weinbau Vineyard

(900 cases):

Canoe Ridge Vineyard
Canoe Ridge Estate Vineyard
Conner Lee Vineyard
Portteus Vineyard
Seven Hills Vineyard
Wahluke Slope Vineyard

(180 cases):

Kiona Vineyard
Lewis Vineyard

(300 Cases):

Cold Creek Vineyard


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