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Avalon Selections
Memorable Wines of 2008
Wines for Serious Cellars,
And Insider Indie Wineries to Watch

Avalon Wine 2008 was a great year for devotees of Northwest wine. it's easy to recollect memorable Oregon and Washington wines worthy of serious wine collections.

The outstanding Indie wines of 2008 are also easy to remember. A few startup garagistes and under the radar indies made wines so good they qualify as memorable.

A selection of 2008's memorable wines leaves out many worthy candidates. If your favorite is not listed here, let us know - our customers give us our best ideas!

For the Serious Cellar Collector -
A Selection of 2008's Memorable Wines

Owen Roe Dubrul Cabernet Sauvignon 06 $71.95/$64.75

Avalon WineThe 2006 Owen Roe Dubrul Cabernet is a wine of character and substance, a distinguished wine for knowledgable Cabernet collectors. 2006 was a superior vintage, producing almost perfect grapes. The 2006 Dubrul is unsurpassed in its expression of the vintage and the vineyard. Add this wine to your Dubrul vertical collection, or start one. - Avalon


Dusky Goose Pinot noir 06 $58.95/$53.05
Dusky Goose Rambouillet Vineyard Pinot noir 06 $67.05/$74.95

Avalon WineSome wines' quality goes up and down from vintage to vintage. Not so "the Dusky" - it flies higher with each year. Popularized by word of mouth alone, Dusky Goose wines are some of Oregon's most sought after. A second wine is offered this year for the first time, the first Pinot from Dusky's estate Rambouillet Vineyard. This coveted wine is the majestic culmination of years of patient work by winemaker Lynn Penner Ash and vineyard manager Andy Humphrey. Both wines are highly collectible. - Avalon


Soter Mineral Springs Pinot noir 06 $64.95/$58.45
Soter Beacon Hill Pinot noir 06 $53.95/$48.55

Avalon Wine

Soter Pinots are an essential addition to your cellar. The first vintage of Soter's Mineral Springs is incredible Pinot. Hands down one of the top 20 Oregon Pinots of the 2006 vintage. Now is the time to begin collecting the Mineral Springs. Established as one of Oregon's best Pinots, The 2006 Soter Beacon Hill is serious, well built, structured Pinot noir and will cellar well into the next decade. - Avalon


Mark Ryan Dead Horse Red 06 $48.95/$44.05
Mark Ryan Long Haul Red 06 $48.95/$44.05

Arterberry Maresh Pinot noir 06 $74.95/$67.45

Indies We're Watching -
A Selection from 2008

Trust Cellars Syrah 06 $29.95/$26.95
Walla Walla low profile winery stands out from the crowd

Crowley Wines Pinot noir Entre Nous 06 $27.95/$25.16
Tyson Crowley advances from cellar rat to Indie winery

Evening Land The Table Pinot noir 07 $26.95/$24.25
Evening Land "Celebration" Gamay noir 07 $19.95/$17.95

New owners of Seven Springs - most ambitious plans in Oregon

J Albin Pinot noir Laurel Vineyard 06 $29.95/$26.95
King Estate winemaker John Albin's family winery - luscious handcrafted vino made with the whole family helping

Fall Line Cabernet Sauvignon 06 $30.95/$27.86
Fall Line Aldercreek Vineyard Red 06 $30.95/$27.86
Fall Line Artz Vineyard Red 06 $30.95/$27.86

Seattle garage-iste's best values and quality blew us away

O'Shea Scarborough
Proprietor Cabernet Sauvignon 06 $41.95/$37.76
O'Shea Scarborough
"Release the Fervor" Merlot 06 $39.95/$35.96

Seattle winery so tiny they're potting-shed-istes - miniscule production

Cardwell Hill Pinot noir 06 $24.95/$22.45
Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2008

Jim Kakacek's (Van Duzer) skill, new Pinot vineyard shows tremendous promise

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