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Merriman Cummins Road Pinot noir 2011


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The importance of tasting. And re-tasting. And re-re-tasting. If there's one lesson I've learned over my nine years at Avalon, that might be it. Wines change, especially when they're young. Snap judgements are for wine critics - taste a wine once, give it a score, and move on to the next thing! We tasted the Cummins Road Pinot three times before this past week (the third week of September) and it was just plain old awkward. Like a gangly teen, it just needed time to mature and grow into itself. - Marcus

Friends came over last night. Relax, hang out, play with the dogs - some of my fun things to do. Grabbed the Cummins Pinot - wine for a good time.

The Cummins Road is a juicy slurper. And it's well made - it stands out from the crowd of under $20 Pinots in the best ways. If you made list of what a Pinot for having a good time should have, you'd check off all the boxes. It has balance, sweet fruit, an uplifting freshness, big, round cherry and raspberry flavors, and hints of cinnamon and white pepper in the soft finish. - Jean

Cummins Road is Merriman Winery's good value Pinot. Merriman Vineyard is in the hills above Carlton. It was planted in 1999.

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