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Best Holiday Releases
NW Wineries' Winter Releases
are Flagship Wines

by Jean Yates

Thanksgiving Weekend is THE time for Oregon wineries to release their new wines, while Walla Walla Wineries choose the nationally popular "Barrel tasting Weekend" (December 4-5 this year) to show off their best. As many wineries wind down harvest operations in preparation for (hopefully) some well deserved time off, they blast out their best wines to the market, in time to capture holiday sales.

Here's a preview of wines that are about to be released, with emphasis on the best picks, from both price and quality perspectives. Some are quite limited, and must be preordered now to assure receipt. Some are in great supply and are easy to find across the country. Choose from both Oregon and Washington wines, from Pinots, Cabernet, Meritage blends, and savory whites-- there's quite a range of wines, as the NW continues to stretch its range of wines and increase its overall quality. Oh, what a tough job I have (not!).

Oregon Pinot Noirs

A continuing stream of Pinot noirs from both 2002 and 2003 vintage Oregon Pinot noirs are being released in the last weeks of 2004, and even a few 2001s.

Chehalem Just Shines

Both 2001 and 2002 vintages of many Chehalem Pinot noirs are now available, and as a whole, the group of wines is a strong as you'll find in the Willamette Valley. We've created a special sampler case with our picks for the best wines from Harry Pedersen-Nedry, made both under the Chehalem and the Stoller Vineyards labels.


Harry Pedersen-Nedry, Chehalem's Winemaker


of the Crop"


Retail $495
Case price $400

Save $95 on these
Top Rated Wines

Pinot noir Reserve 02 $50
Parker 93
Pinot noir Reserve 01 (Rion) $50
Wine Spectator 93
Pinot noir Corral Creek 02 $39
Parker 90
Pinot noir Corral Creek 01 $45
Wine Spectator 91
Pinot noir Ridgecrest 02 $39
Parker 92
Pinot noir Ridgecrest 01 $45
Pinot noir Stoller 02 $39
Parker 91
Pinot noir Stoller 01 $46
Pinot noir Chard Ians 01 $30
Wine Spectator 90
Pinot noir Three Vnyrds 02 $25
Parker 90
Pinot noir 01 $45
Parker 91
Pinot noir 02 $42
Wine Spectator 90








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