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2008 - A New Benchmark for Oregon Wine

New & Recommended 2008 Oregon Pinots

Avalon Wine


The Oregonian newspaper asked for our expert opinion of Oregon's 2008 vintage in the Sunday 10-3-09 business section. Here's what we said:


When you're in the wine business, you can drink what you like. With everything to choose from, we'll be drinking the Oregon 2008s.


The 2008 Oregon wines are as forward as the 06's and as food-friendly as the 07's - and they have better balance and texture than both.


We've tasted the released 2008 Pinot noirs and dozens of unreleased wines in barrel. While the buzz has focused on Oregon Pinots, the whites are terrific too. The 2008 vintage represents a new benchmark for Oregon wine. - Jean Yates & Marcus Looze, northwest-wine.com

2008 Oregon Pinots are selling fast. Time to get the best before they're gone.

We begin by introducing you to an exciting new label - Tendril - the personal project of Domaine Serene's former winemaker, Tony Rynders.

Dusky Goose

Tendril Pinot noir 08 $47.95/$43.16

Tony Rynders, winemaker at Domaine Serene for ten years, created their highly rated, signature wines. Now on his own, he is consulting winemaker at some of Oregon's hottest new wineries.

Tony's Tendril Pinot noir is special - it is the first wine from Tony's own winery. This exceptionally good 2008 Pinot noir incorporates his personal vision with his famous Domaine Serene style.

The experience starts with a nose of spicebox, blackberry, and black currant. Add flavors of deep, dark, sweet berries, black currant, and creamy, silky tannins. It finishes long, showing a touch of blackberry leaf, minerals and sumptuous, refined sweetness. It's a wine for cellaring, enjoyable now but promising at least five years of continued development. - Jean

2008 Oregon Pinot noirs
Get the Best Before They're Gone

Here's a bunch of great wines to read about
on your laptop or new iPad
while relaxing on the couch, watching the game

Dusky Goose Pinot noir Dundee Hills 08 $64.95

Made by Lynn Penner-Ash, highly recommended by Avalon Wine

Evening Land Vineyards Red Queen 08 $88.45/$79.61

Wine Advocate 93 points

Evening Land Vineyards Eola-Amity Seven Springs $38.95/$35.05

Seven Springs - One of Oregon's best vineyards & most talked about wineries

Beaux Freres Estate Pinot noir 08 $74.95/$67.45 any 12 bottles

Highly recommended, must-have for any great Pinot collection - Parker is a partner

Arterberry Maresh Maresh Vineyard 08 $74.95/$67.45

Wine Advocate 94 points

Arterberry Maresh Juliard VIneyard 08 $49.95/$44.95

Wine Advocate 93 points

Black Cap 08 $46.95/$42.26

Wine Advocate 94 points - Jason Lett's (Eyrie) personal Label

Brittan Gestalt 08 $44.95/$40.46

Famous in CA, soon to be famous in OR - great wine

Shea Wine Cellars Shea Vineyard Estate 08 $39.95/$35.96

Wine Advocate 92 points - Oregon's Most Famous Vineyard

Matello Hommage A&D 08 $26.95/$24.25

Matello Bishop Creek Vineyard 08 $41.95/$37.76

Matello Whistling Ridge Vineyard 08 $28.45/$25.61

Marcus & Andy recommend Marcus Goodfellow's Pinot noirs

Soter Vineyards "North Valley" 08 $29.45/$26.50

Wine Advocate 90 points

Soter Vineyards Mineral Springs Vineyard 08 $47.95/$43.16

Wine Advocate 92 points - Tony Soter's estate vineyard

Clawson Creek "Angela" 08 $45.95/$41.36

Made by Ken Wright - Estate vineyard

Cameron Arley's Leap 08 $39.95/$35.96

Cameron Abbey Ridge Vineyard 08 $54.95/$49.45

John Paul doesn't market his wine - it sells itself

Westrey Abbey Ridge Vineyard 08 $35.95/$32.36

Drop dead sexy

Westrey Reserve 08 $31.95/$28.75

A great wine at a great price

Bergstrom Bergstrom Vineyard 08 $77.75/$69.97

Wine Advocate & Wine Spectator 93 points

Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve 08 $36.94/$33.25

Wine Advocate 91 points

Witness Tree Vintage Select 08 $39.95/$35.96

Wine Spectator 93 points

Witness Tree Estate 08 $26.95/$24.25

Wine Spectator 91 points

Carter Vineyard Hillblock 08 $46.65/$41.98

Rich, ripe black raspberry, forest floor, velvet finish

de Lancellotti 08 $59.95/$53.95

Wine Advocate 93 points

Eyrie Estate 08 $29.95/$26.95

Wine Advocate 92 points

Crowley Entre Nous 08 $29.95/$26.95

Wine Advocate 91 points - Winery to Watch

White Rose Willamette Valley 08 $29.95/$26.95

Hot new wines, first vintage in several years

White Rose Dundee Hills 08 $44.95/$40.46

Wine Advocate 91 points

White Rose Sovarae 08 $74.95/$67.45

Wine Advocate 93 points - Marcus's favorite White Rose

Et Fille Kalita Vineyard 08 $37.95/$34.16

Wine Spectator 92

Lange Pinot noir Reserve 08 $29.95/$26.95

That's my kind of Pinot! - Marcus

J.K. Carriere Willamette Valley 08 $39.95/$35.96

Wine Advocate 92 points

Penner-Ash Dussin Vineyard 08 $58.45/$52.61

Wine Advocate 93 points

Aubichon Willamette Valley 08 $34.95/$31.46

Great value label from Le Cadeau - Avalon Wine Club Selection

Patricia Green Cellars Estate 08 $35.95/$32.36

Wine Advocate 92, dark, seductive, powerful

The BIG Wines of Peter Rosback's Sineann

Sineann Oregon 08 $29.95/$26.95

"A rare bargain" - LA Times

Sineann Schindler Vineyard 08 $41.95/$37.76

Big, dark, structured, balanced, cellar this one

Sineann Wyeast Vineyard 08 $41.95/$37.76

Favorite of wine writers - powerful and complex

Sineann Yates-Conwill Vineyard 08 $35.95/$32.36

Yum. A melange of cherries, licorice, minerals and raspberries.

Illahe 08 $19.75/$17.77

Highly recommended by Avalon - new winery you'll want to know about

Territorial "Stones Throw" 08 $29.95/$26.95

Estate vineyard, great aging potential

Lumos Temperance Hill 08 $32.95/$29.66

Dai Crisp makes the best from the vineyard he manages

Brooks "Janus" 08 $27.94/$25.15

Their flagship wine

Cardwell Hills Estate 08 $23.94/$21.55

Wine Spectator 91 points

Patton Valley Willamette Valley 08 $34.95/$31.46

Wine Spectator 92 points

McKinlay Special Selection 08 $37.95/$34.16

Sells itself to loyal fans every year

ROCO 08 $29.95/$26.95

Wine Spectator TOP 100 Wine for 2010l

Dominio IV Black and Red 08 $30.45/27.41
Dominio IV Pondering Ptolemy 08 $30.45/$27.41
Dominio IV Poetry & Roses 08 $27.95/$24.16

Worth seeking out - appealing & well priced

Ken Wright Cellars

All $54.95
or $49.45 in a mixed order of any 12 or more bottles

Abbott Claim Vineyard 08

Wine Spectator 94 points

Canary Hill Vineyard 08

Wine Advocate 92 points

Carter Vineyard 08

Wine Advocate 93 points

Guadalupe Vineyard 08

Wine Spectator 93points

McCrone Vineyard 08

Wine Spectator & Wine Advocate 93 points

Savoya Vineyard 08

Wine Advocate 92 points

Since 1996

Avalon's Wine Clubs with a Difference!

from Oregon and Washington's Wine Specialists


Famous wineries' hard to get wines - before they sell out.

New insider wineries - before they hit the news.

And a 15% discount on reorders.


Free Gift
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With a one year membership we'll send an additional
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Witness Tree Vintage Select Pinot noir 08 $40

Wine Spectator 93 Points!

Oregon Reserve
Pinot Noir Club

$80/shipment - or save
with one year membership

For over ten years, our club members have received the highest rated, hard to get, collectable Oregon Pinots. Established stars like Beaux Freres, Bergstrom, Soter, Brick House. We've sent Wine Spectator TOP 100 wines and Parker's highest rated Pinot numerous times over the years.

You get cult wines like Evening Land, Dusky Goose, Black Cap, ROCO, Shea's "Homer." Rising stars like Arterberry Maresh, Et Fille, Grochau and Crowley. Take advantage of our track record for sending out the top rated wines before the ratings come out! Reorder at 15% off before they're sold out.

Current shipment:
Dusky Goose Dundee Hills 08 $65
Brittan Vineyards Gestalt 08 $45
Bergstrom Winery Shea Vineyard 09 $48


Free Gift
With One Year Subscription

With a one year membership we'll send an additional
gift bottle with our thanks -

Owen Roe
Yakima Red 08 $42

Winemaker David O'Reilly's Signature Wine

Big Reds Club

$80/shipment - or save
with one year membership

What a track record this club has. The latest coup - Wine Spectator 97 point Owen Roe Chapel Block Syrah 07 was a Big Reds Wine Club selection - months before the review came out.

Over the years, club members have received highly rated wines from wineries like Owen Roe, Andrew Will (96 points for the latest,) Woodward Canyon, and Betz. We've introduced you to rising stars like Mark Ryan, O'Shea Scarborough, Abeja, Trust, Reynvaan, and the new Parker superstar - Sheridan (in our December shipment this year!)

Current shipment:
Owen Roe Red Willow Cabernet Sauvignon 08 $70
Sheridan Vineyard L'Orage 06 $47
Fielding Hills Cabernet Sauvignon 08 $43


Introducing Northwest Wines

Show off your wine region to friends and colleagues with this affordable gift.

A wide variety of different wineries and wines with every shipment.

Northwest New Discoveries Club

$40/shipment - or save with one year membership

New wineries, new winemakers with insider buzz - you'll be the first to know. We sent some of the first wines of Arterberry Maresh, Evening Land, Owen Roe, Illahe, Crowley.

Current shipment:
Haden Fig Pinot noir 09 $20
White Rose Vineyard Pinot noir 08 $30
O'Shea Scarborough Black Cask Syrah 07 $30

Members may Re-order any Club's Wines at 15% off

New York Times
Top Ten Oregon Pinot noirs
Et Fille, Soter

Et Fille

Et Fille
Willamette Valley
Pinot noir 08 $23.95

$21.55 any 12 bottles

#4 New York Times
Top Ten 2008 Pinots

New York Times ranked the Et Fille Willamette Valley 08 the #4 wine in their Top Ten 2008 Oregon Pinots, calling it "complex," and "harmonious."

The Et Fille Willamette Valley Pinot noir 08 is silky and generous with a mesmerizing perfume of huckleberry, nutmeg and cinnamon. Silky and generous throughout, the sweet and juicy dark fruits come together with savory dried thyme and subtle toast. Yum!

By far the best Willamette Valley bottling from Et Fille, and a super-value in Pinot. A blend of all eight vineyards that Et Fille sources from, the 2008 includes the entire three barrels of 2008 Palmer Creek. - Marcus

Et Fille

Yamhill Carlton Mineral Springs
Pinot noir 08 $47.95

$43.16 any 12 bottles

#6 New York Times
Top Ten 2008 Pinots

New York Times ranked the Soter Yamhill Carlton Mineral Springs the #6 wine in their Top Ten 2008 Oregon Pinots, saying - "Loosely knit with lingering flavors of red fruit and flowers under a veneer of new oak."

Exotic aromas of sandalwood, sarsaparilla, white pepper and crushed wild berries entice you. The flavors of the 08 Mineral Springs are pretty wound up - it has "cellar" written all over it. In a vintage of ageworthy wines, the Mineral Springs stands out as especially well-built for long term aging. - Marcus

Dusky Goose

Dusky Goose
Pinot noir Dundee Hills 08

Made by Lynn Penner-Ash

Love and marriage, horse and carriage, you know the song - two things that go together perfectly. Add Dusky Goose and Oregon's 2008 vintage, a heavenly match. The nose is like perfume for wine lovers, exotic and comforting at the same time, with wafts of black cherry, orange, clove, cedar, licorice and sweet earth. The flavor flows with voluptuous black cherry, then adds a pulsating ribbon of raspberry coulis. The momentum builds, giving just the right oomph and creaminess. The finish hangs like a trapeze artist - delicate, balanced, awe-inspiring.

When first opened, The Goose is a little shy, so give it some space to open up (I wrote my notes on day 2). The 2008 has serious long term aging potential. By it, stash it, love it. - Marcus


Dusky Goose

Beaux Freres
Beaux Freres Estate
Pinot noir 08 $74.95

$67.45 any 12 bottles

Highly Recommended
Incredibly Age-worthy

If you collect wine, you have Beaux Freres in your cellar. There is no better Oregon Pinot for aging. Grab an older Beaux Freres bottle - ANY vintage - pop the cork and get ready for an ethereal experience.

A tremendous perfumed nose blossoms in the glass. Co-mingling of rose petal, lavender, crushed raspberry, forest floor, fresh turned earth, incense, roasted meat, cedar, and barely there peppery spice.

The 08 Estate has purity, perfect structure, and balance. Fascinating to try in 10, 15, 20 years. In retrospective tastings of Oregon Pinot held in a decade or more from now, this will be a main attraction.



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