$10,000 a Month Winery Job

Wine journalism will never be the same after this “event” job interview. Wine writer jobs are hard to find in this economy and a job at $10,000 a month to write for Murphy Goode winery is all the buzz in the journalism community.

The deal is, according to the winery,  ”we’re looking for someone (maybe you) who really knows how to use Web 2.0 and Facebook and blogs and social media and YouTube and all sorts of good stuff like that…” No mention of wine knowledge, so I guess that’s supposed to take care of itself.

Here’s some links to check out:

Murphy Goode’s website for the job application arealgoodejob.com

One of the applicants: http://www.martinsargent.com/

This seems more of a joke than a real job – or they’d be looking for someone who can 1) write; and 2) knows wine.

Still, looks like one super lux deal if you can get it. And lots of PR for the winery.

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