Adopt a Northwest Bubbly

Capitello Sparkling WineIf sparkling wines so powerfully evoke celebratory feelings, why do we (Americans) only drink them on special occasions?

As a wine store owner, I see customers fill up their baskets with sparkling wine during the holiday season. But the rest of the year, these wines merely trickle out – a bottle here for an anniversary, a case for a graduation party, another bottle or two for a birthday – those poor sparkling wines are getting the wrong message from us! They need our support year round, not just when the calendar tells us to hoist a flute to toast Dee and Marna’s sixtieth wedding anniversary.

So, in the spirit of banding together, we are implementing our ‘new Adopt a Bubbly’ program. More than ever, these wines needs supportive families that will nurture them throughout the year. We suggest taking one for the team and opening a bottle on a random Wednesday in January. Not only will you be helping a bottle in need, you might just find that a mid-week fizz does much for your general outlook as well.

Our List: Adopt One of These Sparkling Wines

To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorite domestic bubblies. With most of the work already done for you, we won’t be accepting any excuses for not participating in this program. Now get to it!

Capitello Brut
$25.65 in any 12 bottle order
One of the best sparkling wine in the state is made just outside of Eugene by Ray Walsh of Capitello Winery. It’s made from 100% Pinot Noir, which means lots of creamy texture backed by a bright lime-like citrus note. Fantastic length and overall balance make this a hard Inniskillin Sparkling Ice Wineto beat sparkling wine deal, regardless of origin.

Inniskillin Sparkling Ice Wine
$67.45 in any 12 bottle order
Try telling the famous winemakers from regions in Italy like Asti, Lambrusco and Brachetto that all sparkling wines need to be dry. You’d be sure to get a lesson on the history and importance of semi-sweet sparkling wines. This one is based on the Vidal grape and hails from America’s pre-eminent ice wine district in upstate New York. If its arrangement of floral aromas don’t get you, then the unyielding array of honey and apricot flavors will. One of our favorites.

2007 J. Albin Brut Rosé
$28.75 in any 12 bottle order
J. Albin Brut RoseBecause no list of sparkling wines would really be complete without a rosé, we’ve chosen John Albin’s fantastic jewel of 100% Pinot Noir. It features notes of crushed cherries and raspberries on the nose, along with a flicker of dried herb. Lightly creamy on the palate, it offers the kind of length and delicacy that many champagnes simply don’t. We love this one.

And we almost forgot! – don’t forget to drink sparkling wines over the holidays!

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