Arterberry Maresh Juliard Vineyard Pinot noir 08

There’s been lots of discussion on the wine forums this weekend about the Oregon Wine Arterberry Maresh Juliard Vineyard Pinot noir 08.

We have the  Arterberry Maresh Pinot noir Juliard Vineyard 08 in stock at $44.95 (any 12). We also have the  Arterberry Maresh Pinot noir Maresh Vineyarterberry-jim-300p-3-2010ard 08 $49.45, and the Arterberry Maresh Pinot noir Dundee Hills 07 $19.75.

At right, Jim Arterberry Maresh.

The Arterberry Maresh Juliard Pinot noir 08 is the darker side of Arterberry Maresh Pinot, the Juliard is bursting with meaty, dark berry goodness.

Jim sure picked the right vintage for his first release of a Juliard Vineyard designate. Juliard Vineyard is only a quarter-mile from Maresh Vineyard. It has some of the oldest vines in the Dundee Hills, along with newer plantings.

This Oregon wine was reviewed on and  DJ said:

“Had the opportunity to taste this wine with the winemaker. Popped and poured.

For those of you that are fans of the Oregon Dundee Hills and the Maresh bottlings, this will be a departure in style, sort of. Jim Maresh describes this a “masculine” wine and, relative to the other bottlings, he is correct. This wine is bigger and more full bodied than what he has made in the past. It gives you a bunch of dark ripe plum, baking spice, cinnamon, and raspberry aromas. The palate follows with more spice, rich bing and black cherry, good acid, fine tannins, and impeccable balance. He may describe it as masculine, but this wine will not be mistaken for a syrah. It is pure pinot, and pure elegance.”

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