Oregon Wine – Evesham Wood Bruno Pinot noir 2011 is Here

casa-bruno-don-300pThe 2011 Bruno Pinot noir is made by Erin Nuccio (Evesham Wood, Haden Fig) for his Oregon distributor, Don Oman (at right). It’s an outstanding value that blends freshness, bright acidity, and pure fruit. And it’s only sold in Oregon.

Try Bruno on a warm evening, sitting outside watching the sunset – chilled just a bit. Serve carnitas tacos, grilled artichokes and drawn butter, piles of blackberries with homemade ice cream or strawberry sorbet. Bruno is refreshing and just crisp enough to balance the rich pork, dance with the hot salsa, complement the artichoke, and bring out the flavor in the berries.

You’ve probably not heard of Bruno. It was originally intended for restaurants in Portland, so the distributor could blow the sommeliers’ heads off with such a great price for a killer Oregon Pinot.  We said to our rep – No way! We want some! So now you can buy the Pinot that sells as a “house wine” at Portland restaurants (for a lot less $ a glass).

Wine writer Matt Kramer (Wine Spectator & Oregonian columnist), writing lin 2010 about Evesham Wood and the 2008 Bruno: “Let’s put the most important information about this terrific deal in Oregon pinot noir right up front: Bruno Pinot Noir 2008 is made by Russ Raney, the owner-winemaker of Evesham Wood Vineyard. …Why is this so important? Raney is consistently one of Oregon’s finest winemakers. The pinot noirs he crafts under his own label are invariably some of Oregon’s most detailed, restrained and age-worthy wines. ….Where once I was able to write about Evesham Wood wines with pleasurable frequency, their near-cult status today makes that now a disservice to readers, as the wines are so quickly gone from the shelves.”

Order it here: http://www.northwest-wine.com/eveshamwoodwinery.html

Jean Yates

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