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Ketchup should be from Tomatoes not Corn

After watching a documentary on manufactured food, I was appalled to learn that ketchup is mostly corn syrup.  I’ve been buying a “no-sugar” version (uses Splenda instead) but discovered that it is also mostly processed corn. Here’s a really great recipe for real ketchup from Tilth Restaurant in Seattle. Not a corn kernel in [...]

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Cody Wright to Run ROCO

Cody Wright is all set to run ROCO, the private label of  Rollin Soles and Corby Stonebraker (Argyle).  The winery will be in the hills above Dundee, and Cody will be running the show, with Rollin’s expertise. Cody will be making the ROCO wines, and of course, his own Purple Hands wines. Previously, Cody assisted [...]

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Corvidae – Owen Roe’s New Label

David O’Reilly (Owen Roe), thinking about a name for his new Washington State based value wine label, looked up in the air and found his inspiration. Crows. Lots of crows, circling everywhere – around his winery in Sunnyside, over the vineyards, all over central Washington State. “Corvidae” is the name for the genus including crows, [...]

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