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Turducken: The Name Says it All

“You may remember a few weeks ago when we wrote on these pages about pairing champagne with biscuits and gravy. It seems that article may have opened a Pandora’s Box of sorts – since then we’ve been challenged almost constantly to up the wine pairing ante. So, in the spirit of rising to meet the [...]

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Sweet Earth Pinot noir

Robyn’s “House Pinot” – Sweet Earth Vineyards

Welcome guest writer Robyn Lillehei! Forecast: heavy rain, gusts of wind to 30mph for three days, possibility of resulting landslides. So begin the Holidays in the Oregon Coast Range! In an overt effort to stave off seasonal anxiety, we served up our favorite flavor bullets tonight, honored by Sweet Earth Vineyards Pinot Noir 2010. Steady [...]

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Adopt a Northwest Bubbly

If sparkling wines so powerfully evoke celebratory feelings, why do we (Americans) only drink them on special occasions? As a wine store owner, I see customers fill up their baskets with sparkling wine during the holiday season. But the rest of the year, these wines merely trickle out – a bottle here for an anniversary, [...]

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When Small is Big and Sweet is Dry

Avalon Recommends  Two Surprising Wines If you spend even a little time chatting with someone who is really into wine, it’s likely that you’ll hear them talk about the excitement of finding a wine that defies expectations. As with any hobby, serious wine drinkers and collectors often chase the unexpected. In wine, it is often [...]

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Best Under $25 Oregon Pinot noirs

Holiday Oregon Wines Under $25

If you plan on including wine in your gift-giving this year – even if it’s for your own stocking – I recommend taking a look at this under twenty-five list. A mixed case of these wines is a great way to help your loved ones forget about the coal you gave them last year. To [...]

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Oregon Wineries Minus the Crowds

Some suggestions for hassle-free Oregon wine touring Oregon wine lovers turn out in droves to visit wineries on holidays like Thanksgiving and Memorial Day, a sometimes sadistic activity that requires as much patience as it does interest in wine. After enduring apocalyptic traffic lines (it can look oddly like a post-Zombie escape from urban areas), [...]

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Lignification, Maceration, and Malolactic Fermentation, Oh My!

I feel like Dorothy in Oz-Land when I start thinking about all of the terminology that my winemaker friends use about their vineyards. This weekend, head spinning, I sorted out a few terms with the experts. Try these on for size, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers. If they don’t take you home, at least drop them [...]

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Wine Police Pt. IV – Wine to a Dinner Party

It’s 4:00 on December 18th and dinner at Craig and Shirley’s begins in an hour. They’ve been uncharacteristically hush about what they’re serving. They’ve also tasked you with bringing enough wine for nine people. This is a combination of factors frightening enough to make the bravest cringe. But, thankfully, you have the wine police on [...]

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Oregon Ghouls & Goblins Drink Pinot noir

Unless the Gregorian Calendar isn’t your thing, you’re probably aware that early October is solidly underway. October, that slow golden minx of the fall, is a month that plays many roles: end of summer milepost, harvest provider, surprise giver of warm days and perhaps most significantly, we remember October as the month that thought it [...]

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Oregon Winemaking OUR Way

According to a study released in 2011, the Oregon wine industry supports nearly fifteen thousand jobs statewide and brings in more than 2.7 billion in revenue per year. The more our industry grows, I believe, the more it becomes evident how differently we do things here. It is more than a quaint fact that we [...]

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