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Oregon Wine – Andrew Rich – New Wines

I just updated our information about Andrew Rich’s wines. He has two new 2008 Pinot noirs, the Cuvee “B” 08 and “Prelude” 08, and new vintages of Ice Wine, Rousanne, a “Prometheus” Syrah 08, the “Coup D’Etat” 07, and a new vintage of “Mesalliance.” Tom Colligan did a great article for us about Andrew – [...]

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Oregon 2008 Pinot noir – Longplay Lia’s Vineyard Pinot noir

Todd Hansen’s Longplay Winery was singled out in the annual Oregon issue of Wine Spectator as a “New Name to Know”. Not that unusual, except Todd is only on his second vintage. It usually takes longer to come to the attention of Harvey Steiman. Todd is passionate about his vineyard, doing almost all the work [...]

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Lynn Penner-Ash’s Secret Wine – Dusky Goose

It’s easy to think that Lynn Penner-Ash was born with a wine thief clutched in her hand – she looks about thirty years old, but she’s been making wine in Oregon for 22 years. And from the start, her wines were great. Her Rex Hill Goldschmidt, Seven Springs and Maresh Vineyard Pinots, in particular, helped [...]

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Oregon Wine TOP 100 ROCO, A to Z, Evening Land, Owen Roe

Wine Spectator’s TOP 100 Wines of the Year were announced today. There are eight wines from the northwest in the list – and six of them are made by Oregon wineries. Three 2008 vintage Oregon Pinots are included – from ROCO, A to Z, and Evening Land Vineyards. It’s awful nice to get some well [...]

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Oregon Wine – Sineann Abondante & Old Vine Zinfandel – BIG Reds

People can’t get enough of Peter Rosback’s really big red wines. They make pilgrimages to the small barn that is his winery, where he climbs up, around, and over barrels like the athletic soccer fanatic he is. His crew is super loyal – he has a lot of volunteers, people who love his wine and [...]

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Oregon Wine – Portland Foodie Favorites

The Portland restaurant scene is hot – from fine dining to wildly popular food carts, the up and coming chefs of the nation congregate here. Their wine lists are creative, offering stellar quality and the most interesting of the artisan small wineries. Ken Pahlow and Marcus Goodfellow are two winemakers whose Pinots, made in tiny [...]

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Oregon Wine – Sam Tannahill on the 2010 Harvest

Oregon wine is in the news and the ongoing harvest is receiving attention in the press. It’s looking a lot like the weather we had for the 2008 vintage. This week it’s glorious blue skies, cool nights, and some nail-biting, but trucks full of grapes are rumbling down the road outside my house (there’s four [...]

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Oregon Wine – Belle Pente’s House Elf, Peanut

Belle Pente Winery has a house elf, a la Harry Potter. You might cal him a dog, but if you met this weird little creature, you’d agree with me that he’s straight out of J.K. Rowling’s fevered dreams.  Found at the pound, I think he escaped from a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to [...]

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Oregon Wine – No more wine from Avalon?

If House bill H.R. 5034 is passed in Congress, Avalon might as well pack up and go home. This bill would limit consumer choice and essentially ban us from shipping wine. Here’s a good article about it I haven’t ever used our blog to push any kind of political thing, but this is pretty bad [...]

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Oregon Wine – McMinnville “Foodiest” – Bon Apetit Magazine

The magazine Bon Appetit went looking for the “Foodiest” towns in the country, and McMinnville made it into the list of six! If you’re not from Oregon, you may not know McMinnville (or “Mac” as it’s called by locals.) It’s right smack in the center of Willamette wine country, and hosts the International Pinot noir [...]

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