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Plugged into Cooking TV

With all the reality shows crowding television nowadays, I have to admit I keep gravitating to cooking programs when I watch TV. Between cop shows, medical dramas, really dumb sitcoms and even dumber dating competition shows, I find myself channel surfing back to cooking programs, hoping to learn a thing or two. I come by [...]

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When Life Gives You Wine Leftovers…

When Life Gives You Wine Leftovers… Make Vinegar! It kills me to pour wine down the sink, especially when I know that some winemaker sweated bullets to get the grapes to the glass. As a writer who tastes wine frequently, I am often left with multiple half-and-nearly-full bottles of wine that I will never get [...]

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Pork Loin Roast Kissed with Baked Apples & Cider Gravy

Avalon’s Senior Editor Christina Kelly chose this dish to pair with Evesham Wood’s Le Puits Sec Pinot noir. Tasting note: Fresh black cherry and raspberry, with a dusting of Christmas spice towards the back of your palate. The heart-melting interplay of sweet fruit, juicy acidity, a savory-resin awesomeness and classic Le Puits Sec dried herbs [...]

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Marcus’s Beer Braised Chicken

For those who saw this on last night’s Facebook post, here’s the recipe: Heat a small amount of butter in a dutch oven, brown 4 chicken thighs skin side down, turn and repeat. Remove browned chicken and half the fat, add one diced onion, cook for 3-4 minutes, then add 1/2 inch segments of celery [...]

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Lafon and a Rabbit

You know a wine is good when it inspires you to do something you’ve wanted to for years. In my case, it was the newest direct import from Evening Land: a white Burg, Dominique Lafon’s Saint Veran 09, and cooking a whole rabbit. If I go to a restaurant and there’s rabbit on the menu, [...]

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Robyn’s Laura Volkman Experience

I gave longtime friend Robyn Lillehei a bottle of Rachel 09 and she generously shared her Volkman Experience with me. -  Jean The celery, shallots and garlic were “setting up” in the sauté pan, just as Alida Marie had counseled during my Cajun cooking lesson 27 years ago.  It was time to toss in a [...]

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Oregon Wine – Portland Foodie Favorites

The Portland restaurant scene is hot – from fine dining to wildly popular food carts, the up and coming chefs of the nation congregate here. Their wine lists are creative, offering stellar quality and the most interesting of the artisan small wineries. Ken Pahlow and Marcus Goodfellow are two winemakers whose Pinots, made in tiny [...]

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What’s with dinner this weekend?

As a guy who thinks about food most waking hours, it’s common for me to start planning the weekend’s food and wine on Monday afternoon.  This past week has been much busier than normal, so the planning starts now, with wine! For salmon and sipping: Grochau Cellars Commuter Pinot noir 08 $15.75 One of the [...]

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Feeling a Little Salty

Feeling a little salty, are we?  I have just the cure: The Meadow. I use salt like most people use oxygen – food just doesn’t pop without it.  I’ve been directed to Portland’s The Meadow several times and even sampled a little of their product.  The Meadow is a salt specialty shop with over 50 [...]

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Ketchup should be from Tomatoes not Corn

After watching a documentary on manufactured food, I was appalled to learn that ketchup is mostly corn syrup.  I’ve been buying a “no-sugar” version (uses Splenda instead) but discovered that it is also mostly processed corn. Here’s a really great recipe for real ketchup from Tilth Restaurant in Seattle. Not a corn kernel in [...]

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