Chapter 24 Vineyards Is Mark Tarlov’s New Oregon Winery

Odysseus and Penelope

Odysseus and Penelope

As reported here last week, new Oregon winery Chapter 24 Vineyards  is the latest project of Mark Tarlov, founder of Evening Land Vineyards. Chapter 24 Vineyards is named for the final, 24th book of The Odyssey.

Yesterday Tarlov announced more about Chapter 24 Vineyards in an interview with Wine Spectator. He has hired a French winemaker to work with Oregon winemaker Mikey Etzel, Louis-Michel Liger-Belair. Liger-Belair is a highly respected oenologist and owner of family winery Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair.  In addition to hiring Mikey Etzel and Liger-Belair as consulting winemaker, Mark has established business relationships with Oregon’s  Laurent Montalieu and Patty Green.

Laurent Montalieu is a mini-mogul of the Oregon wine industry with his NW Wine Company making several dozen labels, his family’s Solena Estate winery, his many contracts with vineyards across the state, and his ambitious combination lifestyle/winery project Grand Cru Estates. Tarlov’s involvement with Grand Cru Estates could conceivably include a vineyard parcel there.

Louis-Michel Liger-Belair

Louis-Michel Liger-Belair

Patricia Green is co-owner and winemaker at Patricia Green Cellars. Since 2000 she has built a reputation for Her winery and vineyard are next door to Beaux Freres, Mikey Etzel’s family winery. Patricia Green and co-owner Jim Anderson made a 2011 Pinot noir for Chapter 24  named “Two Messengers.” The wine is made from a selection of Patricia Green Cellars cuvees. In 2012, they helped Tarlov source grapes for a 4000 case first vintage, made by Mikey Etzel at Solena Estate. Estate fruit from Patricia Green Cellars vineyard’s Etzel Block (which shares a boundary with Beaux Freres’ vineyard) was used in a 2012 Chapter 24 Pinot.

What Next?

Mark has a knack for finding Oregon vineyards with big potential – his “score” of Seven Springs Vineyard over the bids of local winemakers was controversial at the time and ultimately took the vineyard to a national status similar to our most famous vineyard, Shea. He says he is looking at several vineyards and has contracts for grapes with Montalieu’s Hyland Vineyard, Shea, Beaux Freres, and Nysa Vineyards. We expect to see him landing at his own winery facility this summer, and look forward to trying the fruits of this powerhouse group of people.

What is it About Chapter 24 of The Odyssey?

Since I slept through the lecture on The Odyssey in college, I looked up what happens in Chapter 24. To sum it up, Odysseus kills all of his wife’s suitors and twelve of her maids, he visits his father and reveals his identity, the families of the suitors get mad and go after Odysseus, pointing out that he’s killed two generations of the people of Ithaca, but the goddess Athena persuades them to give up the vendetta/ Deus ex machina. Odysseus and his wife Penelope get back together and they end up in bed, plus peace is restored.  I’m going to ask Mark to explain it to me, I don’t think I understand.

Stay tuned!

below, The Etzel brothers Nathan, Jared, and Mikey

Etzel Brothers: Nathan, Jared, and Mikey


below, Beaux Freres vineyard looking towards Patricia Green Cellars’ estate vineyard
(PGC’s “Etzel Block” on the horizon)

Beaux Freres Vineyard looking towards Patricia Green Cellars Estate vineyard

Beaux Freres Vineyard looking towards Patricia Green Cellars Estate Vineyard


author: Jean Yates

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