Lynn Penner-Ash’s Secret Wine – Dusky Goose

It’s easy to think that Lynn Penner-Ash was born with a wine thief clutched in her hand – she looks about thirty years old, but she’s been making wine in Oregon for 22 years. And from the start, her wines were great. Her Rex Hill Goldschmidt, Seven Springs and Maresh Vineyard Pinots, in particular, helped put Oregon wine on the map.

photo by Andrea Johnson Photography

Lynn made wine at Rex Hill Winery starting in 1988, and by 1993 she was COO as well. Add in two children and you get the idea- she’s wonder woman.

Lynn and Ron started their own Penner-Ash Wine Cellars in 1998. She continued at Rex Hill through 2000 before moving on to Penner-Ash fulltime, and today Penner-Ash wines are must-haves for Oregon Pinot collectors.

Lynn has a couple of  “Stealth” Pinot noirs as well as her Penner-Ash wines. She makes the Dusky Goose Pinot noirs  – she’s been the winemaker since the winery’s founding. And IMHO, they are some of her best.

Dusky Goose is so low key it’s practically underground.  Type the winery name into the Wine Spectator or Parker website searches and you get – nothing.  Yet it sells out at Avalon every year – quickly.

Marcus wrote the tasting note for the 2008 Dusky – it came on the market this month – here it is:

dusky-gift-box-275pLove and marriage, horse and carriage, you know the song – two things that go together perfectly. Add Dusky Goose and Oregon’s 2008 vintage, a heavenly match. The nose is like perfume for wine lovers, exotic and comforting at the same time, with wafts of black cherry, orange, clove, cedar, licorice and sweet earth. The flavor flows with voluptuous black cherry, then adds a pulsating ribbon of raspberry coulis. The momentum builds, giving just the right oomph and creaminess. The finish hangs like a trapeze artist – delicate, balanced, awe-inspiring.

When first opened, The Goose is a little shy, so give it some space to open up (I wrote my notes on day 2). The 2008 has serious long term aging potential. By it, stash it, love it.

If I had a case of Dusky Goose 08 for every time I’ve been asked when the 08 Pinot will be released, I’d have the whole Dusky production! So much anticipation and expectation…and the Dusky 08 delivers. For me, it always does. – Marcus

The 2007 Dusky is sold out, but we have a few “Library” samplers left – one bottle each of the 2007 and 2008 in a nice package.  We also have the 2008 Dusky for sale, but it’s getting gone.

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