Musical Chairs at Portland’s Urban Wineries

PDX Urban Wineries & the SE Wine Collective Make Changes

PDX Urban Wineries, the Guild Collective, , SE Wine Collective, Portland Wine Project – the Portland urban wine scene is growing, and the wineries are moving around like musical chairs.

PDX  is “an association of wineries happy to produce wines in Portland, Oregon.” PDX wineries include Vincent, Seven Bridges, Jan-Marc, Hip Chicks, Enso, Heliotera, Grochau, and Alchemy.

Grochau, Vincent, and Helioterra are also members of the Guild Wine Collective. Guild buys bulk wine from some of Oregon and Washington’s wineries and makes a line of very affordable wines. The Guild winemakers, among others, are leaving their location with the Portland Wine Project to move to the SE Wine Collective.

below, members of the Guild Collective

Members of the Guild Winemakers Collective


The SE Wine Collective, founded in 2012,  is owned by Division Winemaking’s Tom and Kate Monroe, who are developing a facility on Southeast Division that includes the Collective, an event center, a wine and beer bar, and a a coffee space. It will open in August, and the wineries will process their first harvest in the fall of this year. Members are Bow & Arrow, Division Winemaking Company, Helioterra, and Vincent.

If you can keep this all straight, you’re doing better than I am. The important thing is, Portland’s wine scene is growing and that’s good for us all.


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