Oregon Wine – 19 Degrees and Vines – What’s the Damage

stock-freezing-manIt’s been much, much colder than usual in the Willamette Valley for the last five days. I had 19 degrees (F) on my outdoor thermometer yesterday morning. Plus, it’s really, really dry. Our cold weather is almost always wet. Maybe snow, and usually rain – constant, dripping rain. Thus the many jokes about Oregonians, moss, and lichens.

But this has been a very dry, very cold period of several days, and I’m going up to wine country today to ask about the effect on the vines. In Washington, they use giant wind machines, mulching up to the top of the plant with straw, even heaters, to keep the vines alive. And they lose a lot of vines in the coldest years. But the weather this last week in Oregon is almost unprecedented. So we shall see….Hope for the best!!!

More after I get back….

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