Oregon Wine Cellaring Underseas

Wine Cellaring Under the Sea: New Industry for Oregon?

It gives a whole new meaning to Davey Jones’ (wine?) locker. And a new industry for Oregon winemakers.

Combine your next scuba diving vacation with a visit to your wine cellar.”

No I’m not kidding. Today Decanter carried an article about a new wine cellaring facility – 3200 feet under and about 70 miles off the coast of France.  Not to mention the guy in Italy making wine underwater in the Italian Riviera.

If they can do it in France, surely we can do it here. It could add a whole new dimension to Oregon tourism. I can see the ads now:

“Come for whale watching and visit your wine locker at the same time!”

“Visit Oregon’s latest wine country AVA – drive west over the dock in Newport into the ocean and follow the fish. Hovercraft recommended.”

Giggling about how crazy it is, but thinking about taking scuba diving lessons.



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