Oregon Wine – Evening Land Vineyards Summum Chardonnay 07 – Last call

ELV-SUMMUM_CHARD-275pEvening Land Vineyards Summum Chardonnay 07 $89.06 in any 12 bottle order – If you follow this wine, you know how good it is and this is a heads up – last call. Wine Spectator 94 points.

Rumbles are that it’s about to get yet another rave review.

It’s already gotten a lot of buzz in the press.

Here’s what Harvey Steiman wrote about the ELV Chards in June:

“The first vintage, 2007, produced a stunning pair of Chardonnays, which I rated 94 and 93 points. Their balance, power and distinct minerality mark them as turning points for Oregon, great wines and influential over other producers of Chardonnay.”

“…In a way, it’s not surprising that Chardonnay did so well. Lafon is famous for his white Burgundies, and his touch is palpable in the Oregon wines. In particular, I was taken with how transparently they expressed the stony terroir.”

Here is his comment on the 2008 ELV Chards: “If anything the Chardonnays are a step up from 2007, which seemed to expand on the previous vintage with more depth and, at the same, more transparency.”

The Evening Land Summum (and the ELV La Source Chard as well) is one of the breakthrough Oregon Chardonnays (along with Arterberry Maresh, Black Cap, Crowley, a few others) that are becoming a hot story in the wine press:

Who would’a thunk – Oregon Chardonnay is sort of like really good white Burgundy!  Let’s blog!

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