Oregon Wine Harvest – Brick House

Visiting with Doug Tunnell, owner and winemaker at Brick House on Friday, he had harvested some of his grapes – whites and some Pinot noir.

Brick House is one of my favorite wineries to visit – the views from every direction are so beautiful. He lives in the old brick house that the winery is named for – a jumble of alcoves, curly wooden trim, back porch filled with rain boots and old dogs.


Below, one view of Brick House’s Vineyard


Doug is still waiting for his Gamay noir to completely ripen. Gamay noir is always his last grape to harvest, and his Gamay is also one of the Brick House wines that sells out the most quickly. When wine journalists write about Gamay noir, Doug’s is usually near the top of their list, nationwide. Doug’s new release of Gamay noir will be out next month.

Below, Brick House Gamay noir clusters


While I was driving into the winery, a guy was filling potholes in the gravel road. Doug and I usually get talking politics and television journalism (he was with CBS and covered Teheran and the middle east). I was telling him about Dan Rather’s show on HDNET (imho the best news show today, and so obscure, it’s terrible that so few people can watch – his interviews and footage from Afghanistan are unbelievably good). I had emailed Rather, and he’d replied, and I was carrying on about how excited I was at that.

So we’re talking about covering Teheran at the fall of the Shah, and the hostage crisis, and how Nightline got started. ABC started a nightly report, “The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage,” which began November 8, 1979, four days after the American hostages were seized at the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, Iran.

Doug says there were two journalists who stayed in Teheran when everyone else was kicked out/left – and they were responsible for the footage that basically made Nightline. Koppel was the talking head, but these guys were out there in the revolution, capturing video and getting it back to ABC.

And the cameraman who took the Teheran footage, who is one of the most celebrated news cameramen ever -he’s  the guy filling the potholes. You run into some pretty incredibly accomplished people at Doug’s place.

Below, Doug and his Gamay grapes


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