Oregon Wine – Horsetail & Coattails 08 Pinots

horsetail275pThe 2008 Horsetail and Coattail Pinot noirs are the new wine releases of Jared and Mikey Etzel, sons of Beaux Freres winemaker and co-owner Mike Etzel.

Beaux Freres, French for “brothers-in-law,” is named for its founders, brothers-in-law Mike Etzel and Robert Parker Jr. After twenty years in business, two of Etzel’s “Beaux sons” make their own Coattails and Horsetail Pinot noirs. Second generation Jared and Mikey Etzel are following in Dad’s footsteps.

Coattails Winery Horsetail Pinot noir 08 $23.36 (any 12)
This is Jared and Mikey’s  great value, ready to drink Pinot. We’re tasting the 2008 Horsetail this weekend and will post a note early next week. Only 80 cases were made, and the wine will disappear quickly.

Coattails Winery Coattails Pinot noir 08 $69.94
Jared and Mikey only make their Coattails Pinot noir in the best vintages. They will sell this high end Pinot primarily to top restaurants. Jared just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, where several famous restaurants picked up the wine for their lists.

We have a limited amount of Coattails Pinot noir 08.  It’s a cellar selection and needs the same kind of time and care as their Dad’s Upper Terrace – and might yield a similarly extraordinary experience.

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  1. Glenn May 23, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    Had the pleasure to get a case of each (Horsetail and Coattails)… very different wines, but but both are A+ efforts.

    The Horsetail was very approachable – an easy drink before dinner. a taste of a bit of strawberry, even a slight edge of tartness at the start – with a nice berry aroma in tow.

    Coattails was a wonderful surprise… as a Beaux Freres fan, was not sure what to expect. I decided to decant a bottle of(after pouring in into the carafe through a Vinturi) – left it about an hour, and then poured as our guests were wrapping up their Horsetail into a separate glass. The wine opened up very well, and actually gives off a good bit of cherry and Dr. Pepper. Different from BF, but an amazing wine. The remaining 11 bottles are put up for some aging – just hope I have the patience to keep the wine doors closed on this one…

  2. admin May 23, 2010 at 3:41 pm #

    How would you compare the Coattails to the BF 08?

  3. Glenn May 24, 2010 at 10:19 am #

    Haven’t had the pleasure of tasting the BF 08, but have been a big fan of the 06 UT… to which it compares nicely; however, they are very different wines. For my taste, the BF is a bit more refined and ‘feminine’, the Coattails is a deeper wine with intense aroma as it opens up. Something very good going on in those Etzel winemaking genetics…

  4. admin May 24, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    interesting your take on the Coattails – speaking with Jared about the wine, he was saying that he thought it was a bit young. Your review says a lot to me – if the wine is this good now, and has good structure, it could definitely be a cellar selection for the vintage.

    He made such a tiny bit, I’m going to call and see if we can get a bit more for the store. I hate to miss out on a special, limited wine.

    Did the wine have good structure? Was there a nice balance of tannins and acid, with the tannins a bit grippy?

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