Oregon Wine – McMinnville “Foodiest” – Bon Apetit Magazine

The magazine Bon Appetit went looking for the “Foodiest” towns in the country, and McMinnville made it into the list of six!

If you’re not from Oregon, you may not know McMinnville (or “Mac” as it’s called by locals.) It’s right smack in the center of Willamette wine country, and hosts the International Pinot noir Celebration each year. That alone would get it part of the way to the top of the list – the IPNC is an orgy of fine food and wine for three days every August.

It’s the restaurants that are a revelation. Only a few years ago, when making the weekly trek to pick up wine around the valley, I could grab a takeout Pad Thai, or mostly boring food at a few places around town. Driving down the main drag, a nice bookstore and several coffee places stood out.

Today, it seems like half the storefronts are wine bars and the other half restaurants. From your basic Oregon small town, McMinnville is now foodie heaven.

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