Oregon Wine Review – Terrapin Pinot noir 08

Tasted in late April – for the most accurate review, we taste twice – immediately upon opening the bottle, and between 6 and 24 hours later. We also re-taste a second bottle if there’s any chance that the first was flawed (it happens, about 10% of the time.)

This is an exceptional value, tasted against five other 08 Pinots that came in the same day. Terrapin’s Pinots have been erratic – some have been good, some not so. This is by far his best, with great value/quality.

Terrapin Cellars Pinot noir 08 – Red and black cherries, bramble, raspberry candy, soft baking spices, and a delicate lavender-thyme ribbon. Terrapin 08 Pinot has a surprising amount of structure for the value – thank you 2008! The new steal on the block. – Marcus & Adrienne

Terrapin Cellars owner, vineyard manager, and winemaker Rob Clark says his goal is to make “an underpriced wine”.

Rob Clark is vineyard manager for 30+ small vineyards in the Willamette Valley. He specializes in managing private vineyards from 2-10 acres in size, and he gets his choice of the best grapes.

Clark describes his 2008 Pinot as “very concentrated, bigger and darker than any I’ve made before.” This is by far his best vintage.

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