Oregon Wine TOP 100 ROCO, A to Z, Evening Land, Owen Roe

wine-spec-top-100-logo-200pWine Spectator’s TOP 100 Wines of the Year were announced today. There are eight wines from the northwest in the list – and six of them are made by Oregon wineries. Three 2008 vintage Oregon Pinots are included – from ROCO, A to Z, and Evening Land Vineyards.

It’s awful nice to get some well deserved recognition for Oregon’s Pinots, after a year of inaccurate bashing of the 2007 vintage. Oregon’s 2007′s are drinking better than a lot of 2008′s right now. Yes, there are duds, but that’s true of any vintage. Get your hands on some Bergstrom, Beaux Freres, Dusky Goose,  Shea, etc etc, and you’ll laugh at the  prognosticators.

The top wines in the Wine Spectator TOP 100 are highly scored and totally sold out – Oregon’s Evening Land La Source Pinot noir 08 and Owen Roe Chapel Block Syrah 08 most notably. If you want to try Evening Land and see if it’s worth being called  ”Cayuse of Oregon Pinots”,  I recommend the Evening Land Eola Amity Seven Springs Pinot noir 08. And in my opinion, the Owen Roe Red Willow 1973 Block Cabernet Sauvignon 08 should have been the big winner among David’s 2008 wines. It is stunning – only the second vintage, and a Cabernet I highly, highly recommend you start to collect. It was just released, so high ratings may come along. It deserves them.

The ROCO Pinot noir 08 was #71 in the TOP 100, and it’s still available. At $28.75, it’s affordable as well. As is the third Oregon Pinot in the list – the A to Z 08 . At $17.95, it’s got to be one of the lowest priced wines in the TOP 100.


P.S. I hate selling wine by the scores. Sometimes I wonder why we bother to spend the time and energy. We taste through dozens of Oregon wines each week, sorting out the ones we like and re-tasting them two or three times as necessary. Then we spend hours writing tasting notes, talking about the wine, thinking about who would like it and whether we want to put it on the website or recommend it. But our hours of careful work, and the fact that we taste more Oregon Pinots and spend more time with them than any critic can afford to take, seems to mean very little compared to a big score.

Oh well, I can play the game. Buy some wine today! It must be good – it’s got a high score!

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