Oregon Wine- Wine Spectator on Evening Land Vineyards

Nice blog post by Harvey Steiman on Wine Spectator online – it’s about Evening Land Vineyards and contains some very tantalizing hints as to his upcoming scores of Oregon’s 2008 Pinots:

“I will taste the wines officially for publication as they are released, but as a preview, this is the vintage that should establish Evening Land’s Pinot Noirs, with their pure fruit character, elegance and refinement, mingling with minerality on the long finishes.”

About the Chardonnay, overseen by consulting winemaker Dominique LaFon (emperor of White Burgundy), he said:

“The first vintage, 2007, produced a stunning pair of Chardonnays, which I rated 94 and 93 points. Their balance, power and distinct minerality mark them as turning points for Oregon, great wines and influential over other producers of Chardonnay.”

Tasting the 2008 Chardonnays, he said: “If anything the Chardonnays are a step up from 2007, which seemed to expand on the previous vintage with more depth and, at the same, more transparency.”

Along with his recent post on Ayoub’s Pinots (very positive), it’s looking like the most influential wine critic on Oregon Pinot noir is liking what he’s tasting.

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