Oregon Winery Dogs – Beaux Freres

I visit wineries every Friday and Avalon’s official wine dog, Buffy, always comes along. Every stop is punctuated by some combination of dog greetings, a quick stop in the vineyard for a couple of grapes, and a crazy dash through the winery, around the barrels, and into the tasting room for a petting.

Buffy is quite the gad-about. Most winery dogs stay at their winery, while Buffy travels across the valley, visiting them all. Here is the first in a series of profiles of her best doggie buds.

Action Jackson, Beaux Freres’ Greeter Dog and Marketing Advisor to Kurt Johnson, VP Marketing and Sales, presents a stately demeanor and dignified stubby tail wiggling, as befits a winery synonymous with the most respected Oregon wines. While known for his carefree abandon in the vineyard, Jackson has Kurt well under control, and restrains him from demanding overly enthusiastic performances of doggie behavior in the winery and tasting room.

From a simple cushion under Kurt’s desk, Jackson adds the Action that makes Kurt such a dynamic and popular sales person.  Whether applying a strategic tongue to toes, adding the right note of sincerity with a gentle whine into the phone during sales calls, or just providing the occasional pep bark, Jackson is all about Beaux Freres Pinot noir. Asked for his opinion of Beaux Freres wines, he says: “woof…yargle woof woof woof…yaaawwnn!”

Below, Buffy and Jackson contemplate bud break, April 2009.

Avalon's Buffy with Beaux Freres' Action Jackson

Avalon's Buffy with Beaux Freres' Action Jackson

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