When the Light Wine is the Right Wine

We’re approaching the season when our Northwest wine critics of all type stop their mindless promotion of rich wines, and dutifully yet briefly, write about how well Oregon’s lighter wines pair with the cuisine of autumn. For me, this ranks right up there with the disservice we do to sparkling wines by only serving them [...]

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Capitello Gewurztraminer Dessert Wine

Cellaring and Aging Oregon Wine

I’ll start by admitting that the very idea of aging wine seems a little bourgeois to some people. The truth is that the image of old men in smoking jackets and ascots with caves full of Bordeaux is an outdated one. The modern wine collector likely spends little more money on wine than someone who [...]

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The Wine Police and Food Pairings

I have some serious beef with the ‘chicken, fish or pasta’ approach to wine pairing. Wine industry folk who work the retail side have a duty to give these recommendations serious thought before doling them out. It might come as a surprise to some of them, but the ‘goes well with fish’ shelf tag really [...]

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Oregon Wine Route Views

Every time I drive up to wine country there are amazing images to photograph along the way. Here’s one from yesterday, on the way to Shea Wine Cellars – they are harvesting straw, and the dinosaur on the right is an irrigator pulled up, ready to be taken apart and put away for the season. [...]

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Speculators Say – Buy 2012

With so much money resting upon both the quantity and quality of each year’s grape harvest in Oregon, the din of speculators can be heard as early as March in some years. Keep in mind that this is before bud break and long before the first grapes have appeared on any vines. The truth is [...]

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Sip Softly and Carry a Big Corkscrew

Today’s funny is a takeoff from President Theodore Roosevelt’s “speak softly and carry a big stick.”   As a huge supporter of Oregon and Washington wine, I speak in a rational and soft manner, but carry a big corkscrew to open some bottles and prove my point. Roosevelt used the phrase to describe the Monroe [...]

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Oregon Salmon Baked in Parchment with Veggies

Ask anybody – Oregon wine goes with salmon. Grilled, baked, poached, roasted, flaked into salads, made into dip, salmon Nichoise, Oregonians have a lot of recipes. You see, salmon used to be cheap. Yes, I know it sounds impossible, but it used to be as low as $3 a pound. So everyone here ate it, [...]

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Top Scoring 2010 Oregon Pinot noirs

Tanzer’s Annual Review of Oregon Pinot noirs – 2010 Vintage Oregon 2010 vintage Pinot noir really is something special.  The tiny yields brought in have produced some outstanding Pinot noir. According to Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar’s Josh Raynolds, “Fans of bright, focused pinot noir are going to find plenty to like from the 2010 vintage…The [...]

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Oregon Wine Cellaring Underseas

Wine Cellaring Under the Sea: New Industry for Oregon? It gives a whole new meaning to Davey Jones’ (wine?) locker. And a new industry for Oregon winemakers. “Combine your next scuba diving vacation with a visit to your wine cellar.” No I’m not kidding. Today Decanter carried an article about a new wine cellaring facility [...]

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Oregon Wine: Chehalem Mtns AVA

Chehalem Mountains is the largest AVA in Oregon and includes Ribbon Ridge, the smallest AVA in the state and one of the smallest in the country. About 69 wineries and vineyards fill the area. All specialize in Pinot noir. The Chehalem Mountains AVA includes some of Oregon’s best known: namesake Chehalem, Adelsheim, Archery Summit, Ponzi, [...]

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