Robyn’s Laura Volkman Experience

I gave longtime friend Robyn Lillehei a bottle of Rachel 09 and she generously shared her Volkman Experience with me. -  Jean

The celery, shallots and garlic were “setting up” in the sauté pan, just as Alida Marie had counseled during my Cajun cooking lesson 27 years ago.  It was time to toss in a bit more olive oil, a few tablespoons of flour and stir like mad to create a roux.  The concoction turned a lovely chocolate brown:  time to add the chicken stock, mushrooms and a cup of last week’s leftover wine.  The grill outside was ready for the London Broil, lightly marinated in red wine vinegar, a smattering of brown sugar and oil.  I dashed from the range with the slab of meat destined for a few minutes outside in the Weber, smoking in the drizzly Oregon rain.  As our last guest arrived, the voices of Spring Break reunion swelled above the sizzling of asparagus in butter and pesto.

Our featured guest waited at the table as we finally joined her.  With bowls circulating, Laura Volkman (Rachel Estate 2009 Pinot Noir) laughingly greeted the bold flavors of beef, wild rice and greens.  She shouted “Wake Up!” inside our mouths between forkfuls.  This bright, bold wine races between breaths scattering a touch of sun-ripened berries.  She offers a shining palate ready to embrace the next wave of flavors – and sweeps up after herself.   Only Oregon can produce this level of summer in a bottle.  Enjoy her as you wait for the long days ahead!

Robyn Lillehei

Below, Laura Volkman with a tank of her 2009 Pinot noir

Laura Volkman and a tank of her wine

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