SF Examiner on Belle Pente

belle-pente-label-200p-copyBelle Pente’s wines are personal favorites of mine. Brian is, like many other Oregon wine visionaries, a low key winemaker pursuing a personal path and crafting his wines without a lot of attention paid to the prevailing style (i.e. what gets the high Wine Spec ratings).

Here’s what the SF Examiner said: “Belle Pente Cellars pinot noir, 2007 (Willamette Valley): Brian and Jill O’Donnell purchased their land in 1992, planted in 1994 and made wine in 1996. Unlike some others who grab a lot of attention from the get-go, Belle Pente has matured over time, and the wines — which are never flashy — are noteworthy. Earthy with berries, coffee, spice and traces of tarragon and anise, it is a bargain for the quality.”

We’d like to give a heads up on another Belle Pente wine- Brian made a Dundee Hills Pinot noir in 07 and Marcus liked it a lot. He said: “A new offering from Belle Pente, with lots of berry and blue fruit flavors. The nose is all blueberry, herbs, and violets, the flavors are blackberry, blueberry, plum, and a sweet streak of spice. It’s so well balanced, a wine that shows the art of the winemaker in a difficult vintage. Excellent price/performance.”

Hey, we sell it, so take our notes whatever way you’d like. But we taste through dozens of wines a week, and we DO only sell and write about what we truly enjoy. If you want to discuss the line between editorial and sales, email me – I don’t allow comments because last time I did that, I got thousands of viagra and hair restoration comments that took a long time to delete. Anybody help me set up so I don’t get them anymore? – Thanks in advance.

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