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John Thomas, Thomas Winery

John Thomas, Thomas Winery

Thomas Winery just released its first Acme Pinot noir in several years. John Thomas only makes his second label when there’s a bit of wine he deems inadequate for the Thomas Winery Pinot noir. A blend of wine from 2006 and 2007, it’s $17.95/$16.16 and a steal.

Why didn’t more wineries do this? By blending the 2006 and 2007 together, he’s pulled off a wine that incorporates the best of both vintages at a great price.

Tasting the Acme Pinot noir in Marcus’s new house amidst piles of boxes, he wrote this note: “Beautiful red fruit perfume and dried rose petal with incense, white pepper, and sweet earth. Red currant, cherry, raspberry, on a seamless, creamy frame. Both lush and bright, this has the complexity of a Pinot twice its price.”

The 400 or so cases of Thomas Pinot noir made each year are some of Oregon’s least known and most sought after. John Thomas’s winery has never hosted a public event, rarely to never admits visitors, and in 25 years of production (the vineyard was first planted in 1984), has never sold wine made from anywhere except the winery’s tiny estate vineyard. The owner and winemaker, John Thomas, runs what is essentially a one man show, with assistance in the vineyard.


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