Volkman’s Breakthrough Year and Servants Peeling Grapes

2007-greek-warrior-catycornerTwo breakthroughs at Laura Volkman Vineyard this year – her 2008 Pinots, and her dogs. And high class Roman empire style tourism fits in here too.

Laura’s “breakthrough” is pretty easy to understand – in this economic climate, with so much wine dumped on the market, her new wines are already mostly sold out. And they haven’t really been released. She had her friends and futures customers over last weekend for a preview, and whoosh – out the door.

The dog “breakthrough” is a bit different – Laura and her family have two dogs, Sam and Bella, both HUGE mixed St Bernard/Elephant – a couple of total doofuses.  They breakout of the vineyard more than any winery dogs I’ve ever met, and end up in strange places.

Which brings me around to the Roman empire style tourism. Sam (the male dog and the ringleader in their “wine tours”) has great taste – the last time they headed out into the sunset, he took them to the Allison Inn. It’s north Willamette wine country’s nod to the high life of Napa. I hear there are gold plated toilets and servants peeling Pinot grapes for the patrons while fanning them with ostrich feathers. Just like in ancient Rome!

So two things to try – putting on your inner Roman emperor and going to the Allison, and tasting Laura’s wines. Personally, I’m thinking of taking my dog Buffy to the Allison and having the servants serve a Nebuchadnezzar of Volkman Pinot while peeling grapes and doing fun things with ostrich feathers.

Ooo la la! Or should it be Carpe Diem?

Volkman-StJames-100pPS -  There’s some very informative tasting notes for Laura’s three 2008 Pinots on our website. And we have them for sale, too (hint hint). The St James is a yumm bucket. The Rachel and Jacob are reminiscent of the wines of Beaux Freres, where she trained. Yes, that good. Mike should be proud.

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