Oregon Pinot noir – Double Dogs

Whistling Dog’s two Pinots from the 2007 and 2008 vintages make up their Double Dog Case, on sale today at 15% off. The 2008 is just released and is shipping now.

$234 (15% off retail)

6 Whistling Dog 08 at $20.35
6 Whistling Dog 07 at $18.65

A mixed case of 2008 and 2007 Whistling Dog NSV Estate for 15% off! The 2007 is rocking right now.

at right, Buffy the goldie
and Alba the scamp

Whistling Dog NSV
Estate Pinot noir 08
$21.55 in any 12 bottle order

($23.95 retail)

Once in a blue moon, I find a wine that is is actually UNDERPRICED. 2008 Whistling Dog NSV Estate Pinot noir is one of the rarities. It is a steal.

Big, rustic black cherry pops in your mouth with a darker, almost cassis-like undercurrent. Scrumptious sweetness complements fresh thyme, all of it accented by cinnamon and licorice-laced tannins on the finish. Once opened, this holds up with ease over three days – and in our tasting, it out-shined several wines twice its price. Just over 200 cases made.

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