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So mouthwatering I'm drooling just thinking about it. Racy acidity mingles with a touch of natural sweetness. Think the scent of a juicy apple meets a fresh pear. The intermingled flavors of this perfect Riesling are seamless: mango and peach marries a smoky savoriness with undertones of flinty minerals and a sense of lift on the finish. A truly unique vineyard site and wine! - Andy

Grown in one of the few vineyards with alluvial soil in Oregon way down south in the Illinois Valley. In the hands of John and Ksenija, this site's potential is tough to beat.

An original and delicious Riesling, powerful and exciting. John and Ksenija combine the essence of Riesling with a new-world twist all their own. Smoky flint, hint of oranges and peaches, clean fresh citrus-driven acidity.

In the deep forest, somewhere on the Oregon/California border, exists a vineyard far from any civilization. The only thing close is an old sip and stop grocery that closed long before our time. It's under the radar if you will, almost as if the lines on the map stopped, and this place was beyond. That's what the wine conjures, an unusual place from a different time. - the winery

100 cases made

Cedar Ranch Vineyard

From the winery:

You're blindfolded, thrown in the back of an old pick up and driven over what felt like a gravelly stone road, only to be tossed out. Through the dust, you peel the blindfold off, managing to stare at the ground...for a moment you think, "how did I get to the Rhone?". This unusual site is packed full of alluvial soil that resembles the galets that are rarely found in wine regions outside of the Rhone valley. An old creek washed these heat soaking stones into this vineyard years ago, along with a heavy packing of silt.

This vineyard we affectionately think of as "Off the Grid" could've been planted to Pinot Noir, or some other varietal that is monetarily sound in this economy, but the surrounding Siskiyou mountains, nutrient depleted soil and severe temperature swings just begged for Riesling and Pinot Blanc. The wines from this site have shown a distinct smoky, gun flint aroma that we have not detected from any other site.

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