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Owen Roe's Abbot's Table 2008

"A Wine for All Occasions and All People"

Avalon Wine

"A wine for all occasions and all people" - says winemaker David O'Reilly. Abbot's Table is such a rich, yet easy drinking red wine. It can be paired with the broadest range of foods. The Zinfandel component pairs beautifully with zesty Italian fare. The Bordeaux varieties scream for hearty beef dishes. Of course, the Syrah works masterfully with spicy cuisine. Then again, the Abbot's Table just tastes great by itself.

Winemaker David O'Reilly will often forego making a single varietal wine (like Zinfandel or Sangiovese) in order to achieve the perfect blend for the Abbot's Table. Some red table wines are made from barrels that didn't quite fit into the premium wines. The Abbot's Table is intentional, from vineyard to bottle.

Avalon Wine

Abbot's Table 2008

Abbot's Table 2008 is the perfect example of a "smooth" wine. Velvety, lush, round flavors glide over your taste buds. The Zinfandel and Sangiovese provide the backbone and show in the lingering finish of sweet plums, raspberries and cherries.

More than a third of the 08 Abbot's is Bordeaux varietals - the deep cassis and black cherry flavors are a perfect complement to the fresh, bright red fruits. There's a meaty complexity to the finish that adds even more character to an already outstanding value table wine.

Upon release, the 2008 is better than the 2007 and just might be the best Abbot's Table yet.

24% Zinfandel, 22% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Syrah, 10% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc, 6% Blaufrankish, 4% Malbec

We talked to David O'Reilly today about the new Abbot's Table:

"The 2008 Abbot's is a New World Bordeaux, with huge, velvety components. We know what we have in the 2008 Abbot's Table - a huge crowd pleaser."

"2008 was an excellent vintage in Washington State. Like Oregon, the high temperatures weren't baking. We had a gorgeous, long growing season, and could pick the fruit when we wanted - there was no hurry - the temperatures were perfect."

"Dark fruit notes make the 2008 a richer, more aromatic wine than the '05, '06, or '07. The wine has 24% Zinfandel, contributing an intense, stunningly velvet texture that we're excited about."

Grapes in 2007 and 2008 Abbot's Table Compared


Grape Content 07 and 08 2007 2008
Cabernet Sauvignon 0% 15%
Petit Sirah 3% 0%
Sangiovese 22% 22%
Cabernet Franc 15% 7%
Blaufrankish 0% 6%
Merlot 20% 10%
Syrah 6% 12%
Zinfandel 20% 24%
Cinsault 3% 0%
Pinot noir 1% 0%
Grenache 7% 0%
Malbec 3% 4%


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