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Abbot's Table 2014 is smoking! The perfect summer barbeque wine, equal parts rich and spicy, filled with lip-smacking raspberry and cherry flavors. Owen Roe repackaged Abbot's for the 2014 vintage with a new take on the label and a heftier bottle. As always, Zinfandel, Merlot, Sangiovese, Malbec, and Lemberger, blended expertly.

"Abbot's Table is a wine for all occasions and all people" says Owen Roe winemaker David O'Reilly.

Owen Roe Abbot's Table wine labelAbbot's Table is David O'Reilly's tribute to his memories of childhood. Born and raised in Ireland, O'Reilly's family often served wine at the dinner table, and he fondly remembers a red wine blend that was rich, warm, silky, smooth and flavorful.

Of all the high-end, premium wines he produces, O'Reilly says Abbot's Table is one of the most fun to produce. He really goes all out with this wine.

Some red table wines are made from barrels that didn't quite fit into the premium wines. The Abbot's Table is intentional, from vineyard to bottle.

David stopped making two very successful wines, his Zinfandel and Sangiovese, so he could use their grapes for Abbots. The Abbot's Table shows Owen Roe's world class complexity and depth of flavor at an "everyday wine" price.

Why is Abbot's Table so popular?

Winemaker David O'Reilly: "One word - 'uncompromising'- only the best grapes, make less wine if need be, but never a grape that is less than the highest quality. I do not compromise. And that's why Abbot's Table is so good."

This is such a rich, yet easy drinking red wine that it can be paired with the broadest range of foods. The Zinfandel component pairs beautifully with barbecued ribs. The Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot scream for hearty beef dishes. The Sangiovese makes it a match for zesty Italian fare. The Syrah and Grenache work masterfully with spicy cuisine. Then again, the Abbot's Table just tastes great by itself.

Grapes in Abbot's Table - 2002-2011

Grape 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Cabernet Sauvignon 31.2% + 44% + 16.5% 0% 15%      
Petit Sirah         4.5% 3%        
Sangiovese         8% 22% 22%     33%
Cabernet Franc 6% + 9% + 14% 15% 7%      
Blaufrankish         8% 0% 6%     15%
Merlot 21.7% + 13% + 11% 20% 10%     4%
Syrah 5.1% + 13.6% + 13% 6% 12%      
Zinfandel 18.3% + 8% + 23% 20% 24%     45%
Cinsault           3%        
Pinot noir 16% + 3% +   1%        
Grenache 1.7% + 4.5% +   7%        
Counoise     1.5%              
Malbec     3.4% + 2% 3% 4%     3%


Abbot's Table has mouthwatering aromas of plum, raspberry, white pepper and herbaceous undertones. The mouth-feel has lovely depth and richness with bright acidity, rounded out with hints of vanilla, dark cocoa nibs, robust violet and spice. Reminiscent of the bold Abbot’s Table blends of past vintages, this 2012 bottling is predominately blended with Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Malbec, Lemberger and Merlot. - the winery

Year after year, this wine sells out in just a few short months and continues to be one of Owen Roe's most sought after wines. This red blend not only represents many of the vineyards that they work with in Washington- the Abbot’s Table is a part of the Owen Roe culture.

The Abbot’s Table blend was originally crafted after a special dining experience of our Founder and Winemaker, David O'Reilly. He had been told as a young man that upon visiting abbeys around the world, monks would offer a place to dine at their table. As an adult, David spontaneously visited an abbey during a vacation to Europe and found himself seated at the Abbot's table; with whom he shared a home cooked meal and lovely table wine. After a memorable trip, David returned home and created a new blend consisting of 5+ varietals from the Yakima Valley. This blend became Abbot's Table. - the winery

at right, David O'Reilly

Customer Comments:

Wine lover Peter W., Washington D.C.: "Goes with just about everything, tastes good to my family and wine geeks both, cool label, different flavors with all those different grapes blended in."

Wine lover James D., Seattle: "Everyone likes it, it goes down easy, and it's really full-bodied, the kind of wine I like".

Wine lover Mary P., NYC: "I'm Irish, the winemaker's Irish. And I don't like beer. Abbot's Table always becomes the topic of conversation when I take it to a party. Everybody enjoys it."

2011 Vintage

When poured into a glass, Owen Roe Abbot's Table is very red in color - with the scent of a big, sweet raspberry. Tasting it, vibrantly fresh raspberry and wild cherry flavors are delicious. With time, the aromas and flavors darken to include rich boysenberry and plum. The finish is pure and smooth, accented by white pepper, grilled herbs, and mixed berry fruit leathers (yum!). The 2011 Abbot's is very young - I recommend stashing it for a couple months, if you can wait... - Marcus

Unlike most everyday red blends, Owen Roe Abbots Table is an intentional blend. Two of the most wildly popular, more expensive Owen Roe wines we've ever sold - Zinfandel and Sangiovese - are no longer made so that Abbot's can prosper. A gutsy decision, it's one reason people fill their everyday wine racks with each vintage.

Speaking of waiting, there's far less Abbot's Table 2011 than in normal vintages and the winery is expecting it to sell out rapidly. Secure yours today!

Abbot's Table has a dense purple hue in the glass, massive deep plum aroma, bright, exuberant fruit flavors. Pairs well with fruity, richly flavored foods like barbecued ribs slathered in sauce and pasta with sun dried tomatoes. The five grapes create a myriad of complex flavors that match well with all cuisines.

"The 2011 will age beautifully. Throw a couple of cases in the cellar and have a $50 wine in a few years." - winemaker David O'Reilly


Grape Content Owen Roe Abbot's Table 2011



Hillside Vyd
& Erickson Road Vyd



Marcoux Vyd



Red Willow Vyd



Slide Mountain
& Six Prong Vyd



Union Gap Vyd


2010 Tasting Notes

Owen Roe Abbot's Table 1999 label

I can't remember a better Abbot's Table. Too bad they only made half as much.

I opened the 2010 with a friend who doesn't drink a lot of wine but knows what he likes. We tasted - Big smiles and good times were had by all. It's a guzzler that wine geeks like me and newbies to Owen Roe all scarf down and want refills.

at left, the original Abbot's Table label from 1999

This year the Abbot's has an intense aroma of flowers and spice. The flavors are all over the spectrum.

There's gobs of fruit, with Zinfandel and Sangiovese forming the backbone of the wine. Merlot's cherries, Cabernet's dark fruited gravitas, Syrah's smoke and bittersweet chocolate, Zinfandel's over the top lushness and a long finish keep the conversation going. I'm ready to pop the cork on this one and get the party started! - Jean

"A wine for all occasions and all people" - says winemaker David O'Reilly. It is such a rich, yet easy drinking red wine. It can be paired with the broadest range of foods. The Zinfandel component pairs beautifully with zesty Italian fare. The Bordeaux varieties scream for hearty beef dishes. Of course, the Syrah works masterfully with spicy cuisine. Then again, it just tastes great by itself.

Winemaker David O'Reilly will often forego making a single varietal wine (like Zinfandel or Sangiovese) in order to achieve the perfect blend for the Abbot's Table. Some red table wines are made from barrels that didn't quite fit into the premium wines. The Abbot's Table is intentional, from vineyard to bottle.

below, 16th century image of abbot drinking wine

Abbot drinking wine from old manuscript

2009 Vintage Tasting Notes

The 09 is juice on the loose - it's ready to dive into your glass and slide down your gullet. Supple and smoothly textured, the fragrant concoction of berries and cherries of all stripes. Abbot's is THE table wine from the Pacific Northwest. - Marcus

25% Zinfandel, 20% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah, Grenache 13%, 7% Blaufrankish, 2% Cabernet Franc, 2% Malbec, 1% Merlot

From the winery - Always a favorite, and always just a little different! This Abbot's Table is very reflective of the beautiful warm growing season in Washington during 2009. With long warm days the fruit developed fabulous ripe, deep, rich flavors.

This very balanced and smooth wine has the signature velvety mouth feel with a lattice of gentle tannins to support generous ripe flavors of bold red and black fruit, plums, and dark cherries. There's just a hint of spice and white pepper to give the finish a lasting lift. As with every Abbot's Table, each varietal here works in harmony to create a gorgeously layered wine.

2008 Vintage Tasting Notes

Abbot's Table 2008 is the perfect example of a "smooth" wine. Velvety, lush, round flavors glide over your taste buds. The Zinfandel and Sangiovese provide the backbone and show in the lingering finish of sweets plums, raspberries and cherries.

More than a third of the 08 Abbot's is Bordeaux varietals - the deep cassis and black cherry flavors are a perfect complement to the fresh, bright red fruits. There's a meaty complexity to the finish that adds even more character to an already outstanding value table wine.

Upon release, the 2008 is better than the 2007 and just might be the best yet.

We talked to David O'Reilly today about the new 2008:

"The 2008 Owen Roe Abbots Table is a New World Bordeaux, with huge, velvety components. We know what we have in the 2008 - a huge crowd pleaser."

"2008 was an excellent vintage in Washington State. Like Oregon, the high temperatures weren't baking. We had a gorgeous, long growing season, and could pick the fruit when we wanted- there was no hurry - the temperatures were perfect."

"Dark fruit notes make the 2008 a richer, more aromatic wine than the '05, '06, or '07. The wine has 24% Zinfandel, contributing an intense, stunningly velvet texture that we're excited about."

The 2008 is very reflective of the beautiful long growing season in Washington during 2008. With long warm days, and cooler evenings, the fruit developed fabulous aromatics and deep rich flavors. The 2008 shows more darker fruit notes than the previous two vintages. This very balanced and smooth vintage has the signature velvety mouth feel with enough structure to support generous ripe flavors of sweet red and black fruit, plums, and dark cherries. Every varietal works in harmony to create this gorgeously layered wine. - David O'Reilly

Abbots looking for Abbot's Table

2007 Vintage Tasting Notes

The 2007 re-defines "crowd-pleaser." It's an every-person wine. The aromas ooze with sweet red and black fruit, highlighted by berry blossoms - you can sense the contributions from the Cab Franc and Grenache. The Merlot delivers rich plums, the Zinfandel fat black cherries, the Sangiovese Bing cherries and structure. All the grapes work in harmony, melding into layers of delight.

Abbots Table has something for everybody. A blend of ten! different red grape varietals, including Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Syrah, Malbec, Petit Sirah, Cinsault, and Pinot noir.

It pairs with dozens of foods. The Zinfandel in Abbot's pairs beautifully with duck and beef. The Sangiovese adds a Tuscan twist and complements zesty Italian fare. The Bordeaux varieties scream for hearty dishes. The Syrah and Grenache work masterfully with spicy cuisine. Then again, it just tastes great by itself.

Grapes in 2007 Vintage

Petit Sirah 3%
Sangiovese 22%
Cabernet Franc 15%
Merlot 20%
Syrah 6%
Zinfandel 20%
Cinsault 3%
Pinot noir 1%
Grenache 7%
Malbec 3%

Below, the Chapel Block of Red Willow Vineyard (one of the sources for grapes used in Abbot's Table)

Owen Roe Abbots Table graps come from the Red Willow Vineyards' Chapel Block

Owen Roe Abbots Table Archival Tasting Notes

at right, the first Abbot's Table label from 1999


So very very popular, so reasonably priced. One of the hottest selling wines in the Northwest is Owen Roe's 2002 Abbot's Table, a blend of seven grape varieties from some of the best Washington and Oregon vineyards.

The wine offers seven different varieties. It has the Bordeaux blends, 31.2 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 21.7 percent Merlot, and 6 percent Cabernet Franc. But what distinguishes this wine is the 18.3 percent of Zinfandel from old vines, 16 percent Pinot Noir, 5.1 percent Syrah and 1.7 percent of Grenache. It is hearty, but with the different blends, can pair well with all types of food.

at right, the first Abbot's Table label from 1999


Owen Roe Abbott's Table 03 $21 is even better than the 2002 vintage. Hard to believe. A spoon will almost stand up in it, yet it's light on its feet, not overwhelming in its rich blend of seven different grapes (Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Pinot noir, and Grenache). It's a slurpable, yummy big red that pairs well with summer grilling and winter hearty fare. Not as much was made this year, and it's another great value to lay down while you can get it. Definitely not light in color it is very rich and opulent yet smooth and velvety. Drink now and enjoy or hold up to five years in your cellar. A high pedigree wine for the price! 588 cases produced.


We tasted the 2004 Abbot's Table at the store again yesterday, and have to say, it's really something. Initially, I was pleased by the red raspberry in the nose, the full, rounded quality of the flavors, the hints of smoke and spice, the long finish, and the way the Zinfandel adds a lush quality. As the wine opened up in my glass, it kept changing. The range of grape types kept the scent and flavors changing constantly, and it just won me over. It's still young, and the next year will make the wine even better, if anyone can hold on to it that long. Yes, I agree with our customers who stock up on multiple cases of this wine. It's fascinating, and continues to fascinate over time.


David continues: "This year has more rich Zin and is juicy with tremendous fruit and loads of character. I did not make an Owen Roe Zinfandel for the 2006 vintage. All the Zinfandel grapes went into the Abbot's Table, to make it the wine I want it to be".

Tasting the 2006 Abbot's Table at Avalon yesterday, we found flavors of sweet red fruit with hints of red cherry, black plum, pomegranate, black cherry, cranberry jam, and cinnamon. There's a lush, rich black fruit quality to the wine, tempered by a refreshing hint of zesty red cherry and spice. Tasting the Abbot's just after a number of $45 reds, the Abbot's fit right in! It's an incredible value once again, and even with rising grape prices, David kept the price the same as last year.

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