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Owen Roe Sharecropper's Pinot noir 2014

Owen Roe

$19.95 Regular

in any 12 bottle order or Build a Case




This is a whole lot o' Pinot for $20, and reminds me of the early Sharecropper's Pinots: packed with juicy, ripe berry flavors, ready to drink today. If you've not heard about Oregon's 2012 vintage, you soon will - we're sitting on some fantastic juice, and it's not a shy vintage. A little "bigger" and fruitier, the 2012 Sharecropper's is a head-turner, as I think many of Oregon's 2012s will be. - Marcus

2011 Vintage

Sharecroppers is a big, rich wine, scented with roses and violets, full of black fruit and berries, finishing with appealing cinnamon/anise/toast flavors. This is a super wine to snap up for the holidays - great value for parties, with a big, juicy style that everyone loves. - Jean

Sharecroppers Pinot noir barrel

"Sharecropper" is more than just a name. It refers to an old farming practice that Owen Roe's David O'Reilly re-invented for the wine trade.

This new type of sharecropping started in 2001, when a huge harvest resulted in a glut of grapes on the market. With excess grapes and nowhere to go, the owner of Kalita vineyard offered his fruit to David and agreed to wait for payment until after the wine was sold.

Thus was born 21st Century Sharecropping, a win-win situation for winery and grape grower together. The vineyard owner sells his crop and gets paid when the wine is sold, while the winemaker has money to make the wine, not having to purchase the fruit up front.

at right, David O'ReillyOwen Roe winemaker David O'Reilly

Owen Roe-style sharecropping also allows you to buy an outstanding wine at a low price. That's a win-win for everyone. David says: "We decided to put some excess first rate fruit into neutral barrels and essentially split the profits with the vineyards. This label hearkens to the spirit of the original sharecropping ideal of a partnership between landowners and the laborers who toiled producing the crops. Very rich and forward, we really could have sold this for twice the price."

The Sharecroppers wines are Avalon Wine customer favorites. Year after year, the vineyards may change, butthe high quality and low price are always the same. - Jean

2010 Vintage

The Sharecropper Pinot is always a delicious, easy drinking, and inexpensive favorite from vintage-to-vintage. The 2010 offers a big red candied nose - a well balanced Pinot that is drinking great right now. Rich red fruit and currant combine on the tongue. Just the right amount of acidity provides a texture uncannily similar to the 2008. My first, second, and third glass all closed with an undeniably smooth finish that will provide a nice platform for aging as well.- Andy

below, checking barrels
of Sharecroppers at Owen Roe

Owen Roe barrels

2009 Vintage Tasting Notes

The 2009 Sharecropper's Pinot says "check me out!" Yep, it's forward. Big, ripe red fruit and spice with a supple texture, the 09 will please fans of the 2006 (and there were a lot of them).

The Pinot Noir in this year's Sharecropper's wine was sourced from several sites in the Northern Willamette Valley, predominantly the Eola-Amity Hills and the Yamhill-Carlton District.

The warm summer of 2009 yielded fruit ripe with dark cherry cola flavors and an undercurrent of earth and coffee bean. This very balanced Pinot Noir is an excellent value, ready to drink now through 2012. - the winery

2008 Vintage

Fresh-picked black berries, blue berries, and a hint of dried wild rose essence on the finish. The rich, creamy texture belies the price, and we're not stretching to say this is the best Sharecropper's Pinot yet. - Avalon

"A shy and refined aromatic profile of dark berries with a hint of spice. I liken it to fruit in a tuxedo. Tasty dark red fruits with a hint of oak framed by fuzzy tannins and ending in a dry finish. A bright and charming wine that works as a go-to drinker." - Rusty Gafney, Prince of Pinot - Pinotphile

2007 Vintage

The 2007 Sharecropper's flavors of red raspberry and red cherry intermingle with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and white pepper. The wine has a layer of soft tannins and a racy acidity. Supple, spicy and fresh, it is Owen Roe's most popular Pinot noir.

Pinotfile, in their reviews of 42 different Oregon Pinot noirs under $25, said of the 2007 Sharecropper's:

"Unique and pleasurable aromas of strawberry tart, brioche, sandalwood and vanilla wafers. Primarily strawberry flavors with a hint of root beer. Nicely balanced with soft tannins and a dry, clean finish. I like this wine because the acid doesn't overpower as it does in many Oregon 2007 Pinot Noirs. One of the best 2007 under $25 Pinot Noirs I tasted".

The Sharecropper's label was created to expand David O'Reilly's close relationships with vineyard owners in the Willamette Valley. By making the Sharecroppers wines as partners and splitting the profits, David works with vineyard owners to offer you some great deals.

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