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Penner-Ash Winery: Shark sighting, and Construction Photos

by Jean Yates

Shark sighting at Penner-Ash Winery!

February 2006- It's been a record year for rain in Oregon, and you know what that means- a usually winter-rainy state has been awash in water, with creeks and fields flooding, and any low-lying land turning into ponds and lakes. When I asked Ron about flooding at Penner-Ash, I'd heard that he and Lynn were using a canoe to get to the winery these days. That's not super unusual out here, but worth a comment.

Little did I know that, when Ron sent me a photo, he'd add a bonus feature- a SHARK that showed up in the water on their land. Penner-Ash is not that far from the Pacific, but for a shark to make it up the creeks to Ribbon Ridge- well, it's pretty incredible.

Of course, perhaps someone had an aquarium accident (do fish people keep 3 foot long sharks in aquariums?) Or maybe the Oregon Aquarium had a mishap- although that's many miles north. No, most likely, the shark either swam inland or was washed in. Any way you look at it, not many wineries can boast deep sea fishing from a canoe in their driveway!

Ok, if you've read this far, I can tell you- it's a joke. Ron and Lynn told me it was a real shark, but I heard from Dick Shea that it is rubber. Thanks Dick- sorry Ron- the jig, so to speak, is up. And wasn't I an idiot to think it was real! Call me gullible.

The New Winery

Lynn and Ron Penner-Ash have built their long dreamed-of winery, on a hill overlooking Ribbon Ridge, that famous stretch of Yamhill County that hosts Beaux Freres, Patricia Green Cellars, Brick House, Adelsheim, Bergstrom, and numerous vineyards. Here are photos of the winery when it was still very much under construction. The views are absolutely spectacular. This is a winery you are going to want to make an appointment to see- it's really something.

I'll revisit the winery as construction continues and post more images, including interiors - the gravity feed aspects of the winery will be installed and should be quite interesting to see.

About Jean Yates

Jean Yates is owner of Avalon Wine, and has worked to promote Orregon and Washington wine for over 15 years through her wine shop, web site, and articles.

Jean previously worked in the computer industry and does most of the work on the Avalon website. She is a passionate photographer and most of the images on this site are hers

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