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Remy Wines

Remy Wines

Remy Drabkin makes Italian inspired wines in the Pinot-centric Oregon Willamette Valley. Sangiovese, Cannonau, Barbera, and Lagrein are some of the varietals she uses in making her polished wines.

Grapes for her wines are purchased in both Washington State and Southern Oregon. She has longtime friendships in Oregonís winemaking community, growing up with the children of some of Oregonís most famous winemakers.

Before Oregon, she lived in an Italian section of Pittsburgh and learned about winemaking, Italian style, from local families.


Remy Wines Sangiovese 2011

I immediately fell in love with the bright red cherry and dusty aromas that divinely permeated the bowl of the glass. Com...



$24.95 Regular

Remy Wines Lagrein 09

This fascinating and complex red is nearly impossible to compare to other red wine from the Northwest. It's not Cab, nor ...



$49.95 Regular

Remy Wines Three Wives Red 2011

A blend of Syrah, Sangiovese, Barbera and Lagrein from Oregon and Washington vineyards. Dark fruits such as blackberry, bl...



$19.95 Regular

Remy Wines Barbera 08

A very small production of Remy's old world inspired, fruity and supple Barbera.

A classic Barbera, very Italian i...



$39.95 Regular

Remy Wines Syrah 09

Big yet balanced, another of Remy's remarkable values. Classic Northwest Syrah with lots of black cherry and plum flavors...



$26.95 Regular

Remy Wines Three Wives Auxerrois 2010

Grown from Willamette Valley grapes. Only 78 cases produced. ...



$14.65 Regular

Remy Wines Three Wives Grenache 09

One year barrel aged. Only 125 cases produced. ...



$17.95 Regular

Remy Wines Three Wives Pinot gris 2013

Eola Amity, Oregon. Only 83 cases produced. Remy Drabkin's Three Wives Wines offer great value. ...



$14.50 Regular

More About Remy Wines

Remy Drabkin: Hooked on Italian Wines"

Remy DrabkinWhile making wine with "a bunch of old Italian men," Remy Drabkin took her Oregon-based winemaking skills (she's worked Oregon's harvests since the age of 13) and headed in a new direction. In Pinot-centric McMinnville, she makes Italian inspired Sangiovese, Barbera, Lagrein, and red blends.

Remy's wines are made with considerable skill and a distinct point of view, usually developed at a much later age. She has a cult following among Willamette Valley winemaking families and friends. She's on a trajectory to become one of Oregon's winemaking stars. It's time to try Remy's Wines.

Remy grew up in Oregon's wine country. "There were only about ten families in our area making wine when I was a kid - including the Adelsheims, the Ponzis, and the Letts (Eyrie). They were our neighbors." Remy was "hanging around getting in the way" at wineries by age eight. She worked her first harvest at age 13. Through high school, she worked after school at Erath. Remy Drabkin

At the age of 18, Remy moved to Pittsburgh to manage the Enrico Biscotti Company, a restaurant and bakery in the heart of the city's Italian-American neighborhood. The restaurant's basement is where everyone makes their own wine, using a 100 year-old wine press.

While in Pittsburgh, Remy made wine with "a bunch of old Italian men," using grapes shipped from California. "They made wine from classic Italian varietals like Sangiovese, Barbera, Alicante, Nebbiolo, basically anything they could get their hands on. The final wine was a blend of whatever they could get in that vintage - a hearty, rustic Italian-style table wine, aged in old whiskey barrels."

"The experience hooked me into Italian varietals" Remy says." I loved that their winemaking was so rustic and traditional. They focused on the craft of it, not the science."

When Remy returned to Oregon (after some time in France) she started her own winery, Remy Wines. It's a one woman show, making about 1600 cases a year of delicious Sangiovese, Barbera, Syrah, and red wine blends.

Author: Jean Yates

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