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Sineann 2007
Pinot Noirs
Wyeast, Resonance, Maresh, Lachini, Schindler

These are not Peter's typical fruit bomb Pinot noirs. This vintage is all about fresh purity of fruit flavors and an appealing mouth feel- these are Pinots that draw you in, coating and soothing your palate. You start thinking about the delicious food you'd like to serve with them.

Sineann's 2007 Pinot noirs prove that Peter's winemaking skills transcend the blockbuster and add a new level of sophistication to his palette of flavors and styles.

"Oregon" Pinot noir 07

Peter's one blended Pinot noir (made from several different vineyards' fruit). Fresh flavors of berry fruit with spicy hints make this Peter's most approachable, ready to drink Pinot in every vintage. This is an ideal wine to offer to friends who want to try Oregon Pinot noir. Its sweet spicy fruit flavors and light acidity and tannins appeal to wine neophytes and Pinot experts alike.

Resonance Vineyard Pinot noir 07

A classic Pinot noir. Red raspberry and cherry flavors bring the word "fresh" to mind, and "fresh" was used again and again to describe this wine at our tasting. The Resonance 07 has a lingering truffled - creamy - earth finish that combines nicely with the bright red raspberry fruit flavors. Smoky, velvety tannins complete the wine. This is a great Pinot noir from start to finish. FYI- no Resonance Reserve Pinot noir was made in the 2007 vintage.

Sineann Maresh Vineyard Pinot noir 07

This is Peter's Dundee Hils Pinot and it shows all of that famed AVA's best qualities. Red raspberry and a hint of nutmeg announce the wine in the nose. Flavors are fat and explosive -- there's plump raspberry, red cherry, hints of toast and sweet cherry candy, and in the finish, that unique exotic dried cherry quality that defines the AVA's best Pinots.

Lachini Vineyard Pinot noir 07

Blackberry and black fruit flavors dominate this densely colored Pinot. There's nutmeg spice in both the scent and flavor. Blackberry, Marionberry, bramble, and black currant fruit are matched by a spicy lushness and silky tannins.

Wyeast Vineyard Pinot noir 07

Smoke and caramel combine in the enticing aroma of this Pinot noir. Flavors are clean and fresh - red raspberry, red cherry, and high toned, vibrant fruit and spice. Complementing the fruit are chocolate, toasted espresso bean, caramel, and sweet oak in the midpalate and the finish. A clean wine that recalls both Burgundy and Peter's unique over-the-top style.

Schindler Vineyard Pinot noir 06

Very approachable, the 2007 Schindler first impresses with its appealing clean, fresh fruit flavors and scents. The entire spectrum of darker berry flavors are present. Alongside the berry explosion is a complex spice melange of mellow nutmeg, cocoa nib, smoke, and toasted caramel. Tannins are spicy yet smooth. A second taste after a few minutes is even more appealing than the first.

Sineann Winemaker
Peter Rosback

Most people live and work in real time. Peter Rosback, winemaker for Sineann Winery, is probably on double time, forging a path that is sometimes hard to follow, but his trail is scattered with beautiful Oregon and Washington wines.

The Oregon winemaker lives in the Willamette Valley, but produces wine from both Oregon and Washington, thus making him truly a Northwest winery.

“I am blessed, there is no doubt it,” said Rosback. “I live in an area where great Pinot Noir can be produced, and I have access to great fruit from Washington to make terrific Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel.”

Parts of Rosback’s new offerings include fruit from a newer vineyard, Schindler, in the Eola Hills of the Willamette Valley. The vineyard is managed by Kevin and Carla Chambers, biodynamic farmers who also own the the vineyard where Rosback perfects his best Pinot Noir: Resonance. Resonance Vineyard now produces its own Resonance 2006 Pinot noir, with years of Peter's input about the vineyard to hep direct their efforts.

The complete selection of Peter's Sineann wines includes many varietals and vineyards.

“I love these great vineyards and it is hard to say no when offered the fruit,” said Rosback. “I’ve thought about dropping a few varieties, but all of them have their followings. As long as they do well, I will continue to produce them.”

Rosback has several biodynamically and organically farmed vineyards in his portfolio, even though he said he isn’t sure whether the flavors are much different from vineyards that aren’t farmed biodynamically.

“What I know is the concept of increasing the health of vineyards and help fight disease,” he said. “If we can strengthen the vineyard health, we won’t need to use as many chemicals.

“I still think the jury is out on biodynamic farming—we need a number of years yet. But people who farm in this manner are very hard working and dedicated, and I believe their efforts show in the vineyard. It is beautiful fruit that translates into beautiful wine.


Sineann 2007
Old Vine Zinfandel

Made from a tiny vineyard in The Dalles, the vines are nearly 100 years old and come from the oldest producing vineyard in the Pacific Northwest.

Zinfandel from Oregon may be unusual but this wine defies the norm every year. Peter Rosback is known for his over-the-top rich, dense, monster style reds, and this is always his biggest wine of the vintage, the flagship wine for Sineann.

Sineann Old Vine Zinfandel 07 $35.95/$32.36

The 2007 Sineann Old Vine Zinfandel enters your mouth like plush velvet. Huge toasted espresso bean and cocoa flavors combine with mysterious dark jammy sweet berries. All are followed by a finish that just takes over! Layers and layers of fruit hit your nose and palate with incredible depth. As always, it’s very aromatic with black fruit, spice notes, a little cedar and a touch of leather dancing in the background.

Winemaker Peter Rosback
describes the 2007 Old Vine Zinfandel:
"Our flagship wine. It is the oldest producing vineyard in the Pacific Northwest at nearly 100 years. Every year it makes either the best wine we put out or very close to it. In 2007 we picked at 25+ Brix, cropping at under two tons per acre. The wine is dark and immensely concentrated. To those who wonder if Zinfandel can be ripened outside of California, we offer this example. Not only does Zinfandel ripen on this old vineyard, it maintains balancing acidity to produce a wine that ages beautifully."

Sineann's Peter Rosback


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