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Sineann "The Blend" 05

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Sineann "The Blend" 05: Peter says: "That's right, Blend. I don't want to say we named this wine "Blend" just to add the letter "B" to our front labels. The wine is a blend of wines made from grapes grown by Lonnie Wright in the Columbia Valley near The Dalles, OR. It is made up of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet."

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Avalon tasting note: The thing that makes this wine so interesting to me is the source of the fruit. Peter Rosback works a lot with Lonnie Wright, a vineyard manager in The Dalles, Oregon. His vineyards are on the south side of the Columbia Gorge, right near the river, and the site produces some wonderful grapes. Peter's Old Vine Zinfandel is produced from these vineyards, which are mostly sited on old riverbeds of round, river washed rock or on shelves just above the ancient riverbeds. The vineyards' "soil" of rock is reminiscent of the vineyards of Cayuse, further east on the Oregon side of the Columbia. Somehow, the combination of heat that the rocks soak up during the day and the unusual microclimates of these riverbed vineyards produces a different and uncommon complexity of flavors in the wines made from the sites.